Headphones and earbuds

  1. 4 months ago

    Or more specifically, the noise-cancelling variety. Does anyone have experience with these for travel purposes?
    Is noise cancelling better than noise isolating?
    Your advice, impressions, and product recommendations are needed here.

    (note: Bose QC's are out of the question, too much $$$)

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  3. Drummers are supposed to know about these things!

    I have Califone noise cancelling headphones & really like them.
    They're pretty ugly.

    Must put in a good word for my 25 yr old Sennheiser HD 450s too,
    but they're not noise cancelling. And earbuds repulse me.

  4. Edited 4 months ago by junea

    for noise isolation, i did research and got some buds from a small co. called Sound Magic, and I have been verrrrrry happy with the cost:quality ratio. And the isolation is extremely good.

    model: E10


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