April 2017 Listening

  1. 3 weeks ago

    Still jamming on Back From The Grave comps lately.

  2. Sodom
    Parlamentarisk Sodomi

  3. pitpat, Toby Ronnie

    Apr 6 Administrator

    O man P.S. is so insane

  4. Indeed

  5. 2 weeks ago

    I've been trying to figure out how to write parts for harp & viola,
    not "out there" parts but easier to read, so I've listened to Bax,
    Villa Lobos, Stravinsky (elegie), Hindemith, some Alice Coltrane,
    lots of Ravel, Poulenc & watched a few videos of viola recital pieces.

    The more experimental Villa Lobos stuff for larger chamber groups
    is SO SO good. What a great bunch of music.

    I've also been trying to write marches like Eisler, so listening to a
    lot of overwrought, not always effective political marches.

  6. Also, Hovhaness - Mysterious Mountain & Symphony For Metal Instruments

  7. V/A - Spiritual Jazz 7: Islam

  8. Edited 2 weeks ago by jonbehm

    Was listening to Village Green Preservation Society the other day and it occurred to me to wonder why the drum break from "Wicked Arabella" never really got sampled (at least not to my limited knowledge).

  9. I can change that if you like

  10. #lmk

  11. Will you spit some sick rhymes over it?

  12. "My name is Ray and I'm here to say/Waterloo sunsets help me through the day"

  13. @jonbehm Will you spit some sick rhymes over it?

    No but I am finished with the mix and I am uploading it now

  14. https://soundcloud.com/tzolkin-vq/wicked-anna-chop

  15. ^ could use more funky fresh rhymes

  16. In all seriousness there are some interesting parts in that mix you made for sure. pretty good for something I am guessing you just now slapped together?

  17. Juss now, 4 U bebe.

  18. The new Deep Purple is better than it has any right to be without Blackmore or Lord.

  19. I have been circling at a wary distance, but now I am genuinely curious.

  20. Unfortunate Doors cover, but otherwise a solid effort for a band so far past its prime.

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