Recent Additions at Dead Tank

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    Recent Additions at Dead Tank

    Saligia "The New Innocence" 10"
    Accidente "Pulso" LP
    Rixe "Bapteme Du Feu" 7"
    C.H.E.W. (AKA CHEW) "Demo" 7"
    Cloud Rat / Moloch split LP
    Macho Boys "s/t" LP
    Beatniks "S/T" 7"
    Pallbearer "Heartless" 2xLP
    Schizos "Fuck Iggy Pop" 7"
    Darkest Hour "Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora" LP
    Wallbreaker "Demo 2017" TAPE
    Diners "Throw Me a Ten" LP
    Peach Kelli Pop "Halloween Mask" 7"
    Nancy "A Nice Package" LP
    Yith "Dread" LP
    Overviolence "Rapturous Expulsion" 7"
    Sickmark / Constraint split 7"
    Crusades "The Sun is Down and the Night is Riding In" TAPE
    Marked Men "Ghosts" TAPE
    Marked Men "Fix My Brain" TAPE
    Marked Men "On The Outside" TAPE
    Marked Men "S/T" TAPE
    Dysrhythmia "Test of Submission" LP
    Water Torture "Pillbox" LP
    D.E.R./TEST - Otomanos Split 7"
    Triac / Sacridose split 7"
    Wake "Sowing the Seeds of a Worthless Tomorrow" LP
    Bastard Noise / Sickness "Death's Door" LP
    Mono "Under The Pipal Tree" 2xLP
    Column Of Heaven/Suffering Luna split LP
    Sea of Shit "2nd" 7"
    Skullshitter "Transmission: Command" LP
    Disrotted "Divination" LP
    Chepang "Lathi Charge" 7"
    Wayward, The "Plutonic" LP
    Haggatha "V" LP
    Stimulant "s/t" LP
    Hysterese "s/t" LP
    Crow Bait "Separate Stations" 7"
    Canadian Rifle "Sexually Fucked" 7"
    Earth Girls "Someone I'd Like to Know" 7"
    Blodad Tand "Control Alt Delete" 7"
    Divers "Achin' On" 7"
    Fashionism "Subculture Suicide" 7"
    Pens+ / Leer split 7"
    Katie Ellen "TV Dreams" 7"
    Unwelcome Guests "Anything You Want" TAPE
    Steel Chains "s/t" 7"
    Defect Defect "My Life is Like Death" 7"
    Bullnettle "s/t" LP
    Futuro "Habitos Ruins" LP
    Warsong "Control" LP
    Brat Kings "Hypnopedia" LP
    Bad Future "s/t" LP
    Accidente "Pulso" LP
    Ekumen "s/t" TAPE
    Boston Strangler "Outcast" LP
    Public Trust "The Leper" 7"
    Mudlark "s/t" LP
    Exotica "Musique Exotíque #01" 7"
    Rat Cage "Caged Like Rats" 7"
    S.H.I.T "i" 7"
    Songs Ohia "Didn't It Rain" 2xLP
    Songs Ohia "Axxess and Ace" LP
    Ceremony "Violence, Violence" LP
    True Vision "Against The Grain" 7"
    Full of Hell "Amber More in the Black Vault" 7"
    Converge "Live at the BBC" 7"
    V/A "Bloodstains Across Virginia" LP
    G-Gas "Generation Gas" LP
    General Speech #9 - Zine
    Snakehole "Interludes of Insanity" LP
    Wet The Rope "The Sum of Our Scars" LP
    Downtown Boys "s/t" LP
    Melvins "Dale Crover" LP
    Melvins "King Buzzo" LP
    D.O.C. "Parched Dredge" 7"
    Acrylics "Despair" 7"
    Isis "Celestial" 2xLP
    Child Meadow "It Hurts" LP
    Dakhma "Suna Kulto" LP
    Isis "Wavering Radiant" 2xLP
    UVTV "Glass" LP
    Century Palm "Meet You" LP

  2. Oh, I thought this was the new Additional Additional RIP thread.
    Umm....pretend u never saw me.

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    pitpat, Toby Ronnie

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  4. Did Robotic Empire go under?

  5. Yith "Dread" LP

    Et tu, Yith?

  6. haha, not me. Apparently black/doom from.... I wanna say, Germany? Poland?

  7. Wizened Torch "Tommy Fucked A Truck" one sided 10"
    America Bloodbreathers/M. O. R. O. N. S.-"The Hurting" split blank cassette
    Vapin' Steve And the Whole-Lotta Clouds-self titled 7"
    The Blue Idiots-"I Can't Talk To Girls At Parties Fuck You" double lp
    ZXXZZXXZZXX "Pokemon Is Culture" soundcloud link

  8. I'd probably buy that double LP.


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