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    When we moved to SE Mpls in the late 80s, I was pretty pumped because we were only a couple blocks from the Union (back then, it was pretty close to the White Castle on Central/Hennepin) and would see bands there all the time. Then the owners discovered Jesus and it became the New Union, and then closed and reopened up the road on Central.

    Kinda sucked -- it wasn't a great venue, but for a couple years, they booked a lot of the same bands that played at Cabooze, like the Hoopsnakes and Limited Warranty.

  3. pitpat - 'I am the Day...' indeed. Me and former board poster WMDEEEE were gaga over that CD.

    I remember the drummer from Supertones preaching quite extensively at that MxPx show. The thing that sticks out the most was him telling a story about how they'd set off a ton of fireworks in some town and he jokingly compared it to the blast at the Oklahoma City building, which I believe had happened not long before that show. I definitely had a mental WTF moment as several people surrounding me laffed.

  4. There was an older New Union too, maybe just Union, right about where Central and E Hennepin meet which is where I first saw SF59. So good. Velour100 was also good.

  5. OK, I couldn't see rachac's post

  6. Speaking of old TC music venues, I saw this piece on the Labor Temple on f'book the other day. Never knew this place existed. Some of those shows though!

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  9. I think it was the old New Union I went to. I for sure saw MxPx there and - major Xtian points for anyone who knows this band - GUARDIAN.

  10. (this thread is all f'd up)

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  12. @jonbehm Speaking of old TC music venues, I saw this piece on the Labor Temple on f'book the other day. Never knew this place existed. Some of those shows though!

    This was an interesting read.


    the review in the Insider called the show “incredibly bad and sparsely attended.”

  13. pitpat, Toby Ronnie

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    something that seems to help the threads be less f'd up:
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    instead click on the name of the person who last posted. it will show you the threads they recently participated in. click on the thread. seems to load better.

  14. Just click the poster's name, not the thread title, and you'll see everything.

    The workaround hasn't changed in years.

  15. Hahah. That's what I get for typing a comment and not clicking "Post" right away.

  16. It's kind of amazing how many old show posters/clippings they managed to find for that Labor Temple piece. Yeah, some of the random reviews are brutal/hilarious. Makes me worry that someday some terrible review of a show I wrote like ten years ago is somehow going to rear its ugly head again some day.

  17. A review by Thomas Utne reveals that MC5 was an honest-to-god rock ‘n’ roll band whose members “all look like juvenile delinquents.” Utne railed against the Minneapolis Star’s reviewer, who clearly did not understand the genre or why the kids loved it so.

    I assume Thomas is related to Eric Utne (Utne Reader fame).

  18. I would assume so. Almost makes me want to go to the library and find the microfiche of the Minneapolis Star review of that show.

  19. @jonbehm
    Reviler gets crawled/archived by MNHS via Archive-it which means it's in the Internet Archive forevers

  20. Heh, I am more worried about my early days cutting my teeth at How Was The Show and Culture Bully. But I am sure there are some embarrassing Reviler gems as well

  21. How Was The Show has been crawled as well. Sorry!


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