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  1. last week


    Apr 19 Doors Fans

    Fucked up board, nobody reads it, not sure why I'm bothering posting here.
    Maybe it's because I just had yet another expensive car repair after having one a few weeks ago, and that I have like 4-5 basses and really only need one? I'm keeping two just to be a jerk.

    1987 Carvin bass, super cool all-black VG condition $400 no case.
    2002 Fender "Crafted in Japan" Geddy Lee Signature Jazz Bass, Excellent. $600 with "gig bag".

    Both have new Rotosound strings, play and sound so nice.

  2. zom

    Apr 19 Doors Fans

    I still have my fave '75 Precision bass, and recently super-scored an 80s Lado Medallion bass, and have my first bass ever, a '73 Univox Hi-Flyer that I bought new so I'm bassically set.

    These two are really great basses, but I'd also rather have more guitars.

  3. post pics, babe

  4. The Jazz Bass is really nice. I played that on a number of occasions and it was most excellent.

  5. If I needed a bass, that would be a fun one to play.

  6. zom

    Apr 20 Doors Fans


  7. Ah super cool.

  8. zom

    Apr 20 Doors Fans

    I have the original white pickguard with the Jazz, included in the deal.

    And it is a great fuckin' deal. WOW

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    I kinda want this Jazz. Dumb question, but active?

  10. pitpat, Toby Ronnie

    Apr 20 Administrator

    what year is that carvin?

  11. I used to get the Carvin catalogue when I was in high school, late 80s.

    Everything seemed so clean.

  12. pitpat, Toby Ronnie

    Apr 20 Administrator

    in the early 90s, my cousin got a ridiculous Carvin flying v....i think it was called the ULTRA V

  13. -image-

    Matt Thorr of Rough Cutt.

  14. -image-

    Bass of Jerry Dixon (Warrant)

  15. pitpat, Toby Ronnie

    Apr 20 Administrator

    i like the old 70/80s carvin tube heads

  16. -image-

    Doug Marks - Metal Method

  17. @pitpat, Toby Ronnie i like the old 70/80s carvin tube heads

    Oh, for sure. Lots of Carvin gear is worth a look. (including, I'm sure, Zom's bass).

  18. zom

    Apr 20 Doors Fans

    Near as I can tell, the Carvin is an '87, with some '88 features. I think it's neck-through body, has stereo outs.
    Several off the Jazz cats that I worked with in the studio had Carvins, they are indeed very well-made, good wood and top-quality parts. Some of their guitars and basses aren't ugly. I think mine looks cool.

    The Geddy Lee is not active, and has the original pickups. They sound good, but if I was going to keep it I'd probably upgrade them. From what I've heard, this "Crafted in Japan" model is the most desirable. There are plenty of Mexican-made out there. I will say, this thing feels great, super high quality build.

  19. pitpat, Toby Ronnie

    Apr 20 Administrator

    that's the ultra v.
    this one was an updated model, of course, which meant it was....pointy-er.
    and it was a lefty. gloss black. so boss.

  20. i played a carvin pro bass 500 for many years. Mad respect

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