1. 3 months ago

    pitpat, Toby Ronnie

    Apr 28 Administrator

    a festival for the douchebag 1% crashes and burns. hillarious.

  2. "Blink-182 was to headline..."

  3. whoa that is some unorganized shit

  4. L O L

  5. heh a little more info here too

  6. That's just the sort of thing you'd expect to happen on ECZEMA ISLAND!

  7. pitpat, Toby Ronnie

    Apr 28 Administrator

    i wish kendall jenner would show up and be ripped apart for food

  8. I'm going to dream of gangs of rich assholes devouring other rich assholes tonight.

  9. I love this story

  10. more like DYRE fest, amiright

  11. Exhume Island.

  12. I feel a bit better about the Safe As Milk debacle now.

  13. zom

    Apr 29 Doors Fans

    Now if they'd just fuck up Coachella.

  14. Burning Man could use some disruption.

  15. Burning man seems fun in a to each their own sort of way. Coachella meh.

  16. I read an article about how not all the attendees were total trust fund entitled douchebags but like normal people. So id really like to not let this con artist Billy McFarland off the hook. He basically just stole a few million dollars it seems. He is the Martin Skreli of event organizers and hipster schemes.

  17. I suck at linking photos on my phone but look at the dude. He looks like Devin Nunes shithead little brother.

  18. zom

    Apr 29 Doors Fans

    "Normal people" with thousands of dollars and time to blow on a "music" festival?

  19. McFarland founded Magnises, which McFarland claims is Latin for "nothing", in August 2013, and officially launched the card in March 2014, aiming to create an exclusive "black card" with social perks such as club membership, targeted at status-oriented millennials in certain big cities. The card itself is not a credit card, but transfers data from a member's existing credit or debit card onto the magnetic strip of the Magnises card

    Suckers born per minute: Ample.

  20. zom

    Apr 29 Doors Fans

    You'll get nothing and like it.

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