MAY 2017 Watchening: MAY I vape in here lol

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  2. 8 weeks ago

    Watched Fences on the way out to Seattle this weekend. So good. I love August Wilson. Great performances all the way around. Willy Loman has nothing on Troy Maxson.

    Watched the Star Trek with Cumberbatch as Kahn on the way back. Eh.

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    We Like It Like That- documentary about the Latin boogaloo wave in 1960s NYC. Really well done, plenty about the roots of the music, and the greater cultural backdrop of East Harlem at the time. A lot of the artists that made it happen are still around and interviewed in the movie. Partially narrated by Bobbito Garcia. Streaming on Amazon, Vudu, a few other places. Site here .

    David Brent: Life On The Road - Netflix thing. Gervais' character from The Office, some years on, trying to make his rock star dream come true. Pretty funny, downright painful to watch at times, as you can probably imagine if you know the character.

  4. Does anyone here do Netflix DVD thru the mail?
    Starting to see it slack a little bit - fewer selections, longer wait periods, etc. A lot of stuff - esp. "TV" shows -
    isn't even being released on DVD - just digital. Once in a while, slower turnaround - ex: today. They are usually really tight w/ same-day turnarounds - mail something Monday, they receive it and ship out next selection on Tuesday, you receive new DVD on Wednesday.
    Lately there have been more two-day turn-arounds.
    NBD, really, but just interesting to see hints of what I think is the inevitable transition to digital-only content.

  5. I saw the decline starting when they stopped sending and receiving discs on Saturdays, maybe four years ago. I still get fast turnaround, but I live less than a mile from Netflix.

  6. Hm, didn't notice the Saturday thing.
    I did notice that - if there was a wait on a disc, they would send you the #2 disc, and then send you the #1 disc when it became available. Now they just automatically skip the back-ordered disc.

  7. I miss Qwikster.

  8. @LA Nick Arrival - I thought it was very good. It received some hate in this thread - scroll up if u want to read the h8.
    It dragged a little in the middle, tbh, but the ending was sweet.

    I thought I'd moved on, but... I don't get the haters either. Don't like the plot twist? Thought it was trite? I mean, I loved it and thought it was one of the most beautiful and moving scifi films that I'd ever scene. (Disclaimer: I cried, a lot, and not out of sadness.) Like walking out of the theater I felt an overwhelming positive energy from it. I really did not think that it would be a polarizing film. So we're probably just going to agree to disagree.
    But to the story itself, I thought it was amazing how they crafted this compelling, dramatic film about a *linguist* and *non-linear time*... and it even had good action. I also resonated with the main metaphor of the movie, because it's something I ponder regularly about humanity, that there are, simplistically put, two philosophical branches to human technology. We either advance or pervert it to destroy each other or we use it to communicate and unite us all together. And to me the peaks of those branches in our literal world are nukes and the internet (I still have a mostly optimistic view of the internet uniting us... eventually). And there's basically the standoff of the film, which I guess will tug at you, or not, and instead bores you.
    So from my perspective this kind of singularity of communication that was starting to happen in the universe of the film is truly beautiful. Like having this non-linear rewiring allows one to step back, let go of the individualistic ego, and see the bigger picture that we're all drawn together into. I guess I just really enjoy that fantasy. As much as I love my dystopian scifi, I appreciated the rosy, optimistic ending.

  9. I watched it a few days ago. Sort of. We ate a bunch of nachos and I started drifting in and out of a nacho coma. Not the easiest thing to follow under those circumstances. I was like "so they were trying to figure out what those symbols mean and then after awhile she remembered it's literally on the first page of her book and she's lectured on it a bunch, cool, back to sleep." Looked up the plot later. Seemed to probably be a good movie on the whole, but I don't know if I was intrigued enough to go back and give it a proper watching.

    Finally saw Interstellar over Memorial Day weekend too. That one really seems tick people off on here. I didn't think it was bad necessarily, definitely a missed opportunity though. The basic idea of the plot was a great concept, and a lot of the space shots would have been pretty dope in the theatre. Definitely had some issues though.

  10. Interstellar was so bonkers and over the top that at a certain point I just kind of let myself go and enjoyed the ride for what it was.

    However, the pretense of realism that carried arrival reeeeeeaally irked me, especially, if I may say so, as someone who holds a degree in linguistics. And just that brainiac saving the day trope.... Ugggh. I wish I could have experienced some of the emotional salience that I agree is there, but if the numbers don't add up I'm kind of left with a sloppy idealastic and sentimental mess and too distracted by the particulars to lap it up

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    Perhaps I am just merely too jaded to accept optimistic fantasies about world peace, especially ones necessitated by intervention from beings outside of our world. It is the exact same reason that I don't spend a lot of time hoping for angels and prayer to save people from disastrous situations.

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    went to john wick 2 at the riverview last night. ridiculously gruesome fun even if parts of the action felt too video game-y (in terms of sequencing not cgi visuals). so many outdated cell phones tho.

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    also what irked me about arrival: it was setting itself up to be really deeply feminist but then fell back on lame romantic movie cliche.


  15. @junea THANK YOU

    yr welcome. but u know women can't help but fall in love w men that they work with, even if HR frowns about it.

  16. Even if it means sacrificing a child's life for it..... well, at least the movie is sort of meta physically pro choice

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    @junea Even if it means sacrificing a child's life for it..... well, at least the movie is sort of meta physically pro choice

    but baby despite it all, even if he will leave. oh yarsh. inuition, ain't it a bitch?

  18. Can you really complain about a movie injecting a love storyline when every movie ever made has one? Isn't that like criticizing a movie for the use of cameras? Of course Amy Adams' character is going to end up loving a handsome man. Or is it just the way they went about it?

  19. what's the matter with LOVE BABY!

  20. @September11th Can you really complain about a movie injecting a love storyline when every movie ever made has one? Isn't that like criticizing a movie for the use of cameras? Of course Amy Adams' character is going to end up loving a handsome man. Or is it just the way they went about it?

    yeah I know. and I didn't hate it or anything, but I held out hope for a minute that it would transcend cliche. my bad!

  21. Yeah I just didn't see those things as cliches/tropes, or at least bad ones. I'm happy the heroes are scientists. And the romance kind of fit in with a story about connection and loss, which other people have taken as being another metaphor in the film. But I mean I haven't seen this movie in over 6 months so not all that stuff is fresh in my memory. Which speaking of, I forgot how much I also loved the soundtrack, which I think had a lot to do with how emotionally moving it was for me in the theater. For me it all just came together in such a way that I was willing and ready to get swept up in it.

    Also @junea, I was actually curious what your perspective as a linguist would be, but I had assumed that you would have the opposite reaction to it than what you've stated. (-;


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