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  1. 2 months ago

    To repeat what Drinkwater said in the last post of the broken one, Flynn won't honor the Senate Intelligence Committee's subpoena of documents regarding his interaction with Russian officials.

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  3. http://howlonghasdonaldtrumpbeenpresident.com/

  4. Israel wouldn't let Trump fly his helicopter onto the Masada so, instead of taking the tram, he cancelled his visit altogether.

    I don't know why I'm laughing so much at this.

  5. Cancelled the whole trip to Israel?

  6. No. Just to Masada.

  7. Ha. You could see where it was open to speculation.

  8. probably no big deal but I'm still laughing at the decision-tree that had to have been drawn up.

  9. He's a baby.

  10. I can just see him pursing his lips and shaking his head nope and probably has some corn on his chin.

  11. zom

    May 18 Doors Fans

    He's apparently severely frightened of stairs.

  12. pitpat, Toby Ronnie

    May 18 Administrator

    ungh. this isn't entertaining of humorous.
    someone please assassinate this moron.

  13. Donald Trump is not a child. He is something much worse

    Sometimes children are not cruel on purpose. Children can sit still and are often unable to stick their feet into their mouths, and sometimes will let you get more ice cream than they get.

    He is something more terrifying than a child. Children can learn.

  14. I say keep the douchebag in for as long as possible. just let the GOP go down in flames with four years of filthy shit. Pence would be a more calculating nightmare.

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    At least he's tweeting again! What a relief!!

  16. I don't want him in office anymore but I want him to stay alive if/when he goes down in a YUUUGE way.

  17. I want him to die in prison.

  18. I don't want him in the office but in a box. like a refrigerator box.

  19. @jenn I want him to die in prison.

  20. zom

    May 18 Doors Fans

    In 1997, an Israeli Air Force helicopter landed in the middle of Masada, one of Israel’s most ancient and famous archaeological parks. It was carrying then-US Air Force commander Gen. Michael Ryan who had asked to visit the fortress, a recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    But when the helicopter landed, it threw up far more than just sand and dust. Signs blew off their posts and the wind caused by the helicopter’s powerful propellers caused damage to the ruins.

    It was the last time a helicopter was allowed to land in the middle of Masada, the fortress built by Herod the Great that overlooks the Dead Sea on the edge of the Judean Desert.

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