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  2. 7 weeks ago

    McCain was... weird.

  3. Letting no good distraction go unexploited, McConnell is quietly fast-tracking the Senate's version of ACA repeal. No committees, no amendments, no filibusters.

  4. @jenn McCain was... weird.

    He was unsuccessfully doing some high level mental gymnastics to conflate (possibly on purpose as a weird gotcha) the email server investigation with the Russian hacking and interference investigation. And Comey just tried to clearly explain that they are two different investigations and the former was closed, but McCain kept asking how he could have a conclusion about one but not the other.

    Or just being completely clueless about modern technology, like thinking "oh emails? hacking? those are all things that happen on the internets so they must all be related in some greater investigation about the campaign." But the email server investigation just happened to coincide with her campaign, they were not interrelated.

  5. Trump team spin is strong with this one though, I hope GOP doesn't follow suit. As I saw others point out, by Comey stating his memos were handed over to Mueller shows that the Donald is basically under investigation now. And besides McCain's ramblings I feel like no Republican in the hearing attempted to out and out discredit Comey, which makes me feel slightly better because I didn't have high hopes for that hearing. I mean, there were signs of spin like focusing on "hope" and such, which irregardless is still an attempt to persuade and that falls under obstruction.

  6. Is this thread broken now too?

  7. As broken as a modern democracy.

  8. Ha, fitting

  9. Exit polls from England are tripping my shit out.

    Plus, Comey's coming clean about leaking the story to his friend made me sort of like the guy for a minute but just a minute.

  10. Looks like Theresa May screwed the pooch fox on this one. Probably a hung parliament.

  11. 6 weeks ago

    So many trump sympathizers claiming the comey hearing exonerates trump completely and proves there was no collusion. That is def not what I took away from the infamous comey hearing. He basically laid out a case for obstruction and said it was muellers job to take it from there.

  12. Edited 6 weeks ago by warsawpactarmor

    Rather vicious Salon article about May

    Some highlights:

    Theresa May is cosplaying Margaret Thatcher and doing it badly.

    A lot of us are finally realizing what a dreadful decision that [Brexit] was, and nothing throws the British into such a weird rage as being wrong in public.

    There was once a time when British people trudged to the polls to decide whether we preferred the evil candidate or the rubbish one. This may be the only national dilemma Theresa May has managed to solve.

  13. I guess no one told the Commander in Chief about all the military personnel we've got stationed in Qatar before he started waving his shriveled dick around and mumbling something about terrorists.

  14. There is a lot of politics/current events I stay up in these days and the U.K is def not one of them. So how does this work now the hunt parliament thing?

  15. Since no single party won a majority of seats, the Tories needed to form a coalition with the Northern Irish theocrats (DUP) to push them over the top and keep May in the PM seat (for now). This puts them in a much weaker position than after the last election, when they held an outright majority.

    It's messy and confusing, but it's certainly an improvement over our archaic system. Look, a minor party has influence!

  16. Analogies are fun.

    Imagine that the US was a parliamentary system with many political parties (includimg several regional parties) vying for seats in parliament.

    After failing to get a true majority in 2016, GOP leader Don Trump has to search for a party with which he can ally to get enough seats to gain a majority. In Florida (North Ireland) there's an extreme socially conservative party (DUP) that has fought its enemies, a party made up of separatists (Sinn Fein)who want Florida to become part of Cuba or greater Caribbean Republic or whatever(Ireland). In fact, the only way that Florida has remained atrocity free for the past/20 years is that Washington (Westminster) has pledged neutrality between the two parties and promised to arbitrate between the two.

    So, dumbass Don Trump comes along and, in order to save his own ass after calling for an election his party fucked up, promises to ally with the dickhead Protestants who would be happier with an ethnically cleansed Florida, zero abortion protection, and zero gay rights. Seriously. Look these assholes up.

    The thing is, Don doesn't want to screw up so bad that he negates the Florida truce (Good Friday Agreement) so, instead of offering a formal coalition, where the dickhead Floridians will take cabinet and other leadership positions, he has to settle for a general agreement, where these assholes (fucking 10/of them) will decide on a case by case basis what measures they will allow to pass. This gives the assholes an incredible amount of power.

    It's actually not unlike the US Congress where a handful of shitkicking fuckfaces can hold up and amend and legislation they want.

  17. @Finn McCool I guess no one told the Commander in Chief about all the military personnel we've got stationed in Qatar before he started waving his shriveled dick around and mumbling something about terrorists.

    Not to mention that the strained relations between Qatar and some of the other gulf states may be the result of a Russian disinformation campaign.
    FBI vs. FSB

  18. President Snowflake won't visit the UK if there are protests. He's much more comfortable in places like Saudi Arabia.

  19. The trump side of the argument seems to be that although it's unusual and definitely not protocol, his interactions and firing of Preet Bharara and James Comey were not technically illegal or obstruction of justice. Trump just "didn't know any better" cause he's a "political outsider". It's hard to think of a worse person to be the AG than Jeff Sessions.

  20. I misread your last sentence as "It's hard to think of a worse person to be than AG Jeff Sessions." Which also works.

  21. I think a lot of Trump supporters who like his tweets because they aggravate liberals and make the media go crazy don't understand that it's becoming ever more clear that they could have very real legal and political implications and consequences. This is not a profound insight. Maybe it might be for a Trump supporter, I guess.


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