It Happened Again (SPOILERS)

  1. 2 months ago

    You wasted another perfectly good hour listening to Car Talk!

    Just kidding.

    This is the thread where we spoil the fuck out of the new Twin Peaks.

  2. So Good Cooper and Evil Cooper are fated to meet in some kind of existential battle? Are we gonna see that glass box again?

    Bad Cooper looks like if Tommy Wiseau was handsome.

    I sincerely hope there is no closure in this story.

  3. Did this start already?!

  4. pitpat, Toby Ronnie

    May 22 Administrator

    are all the ep's available to binge?
    or is it a week-to-week release?
    only thing that makes me wish i still had cable.

  5. Eps 1-4 available to binge

    1-2 aired last night.

    Free month of Showtime if you sign up through the Roku/AppleTV apps.

  6. After that, $11/month, which is a fair price to pay for 8 more eps of Twin Peaks.

  7. pitpat, Toby Ronnie

    May 22 Administrator

    dang might need to look into that

  8. we got showtime thrown in free with our cable for some undetermined amount of time earlier in the year, so yay for me.

    watching last night, had that feeling of getting confused and downright sleepy, and then suddenly snapped into being engrossed as lynch can sometimes do... def appreciate that it's not just a nostalgia piece and more of a culmination of what he's been up to in the intervening years, even if i don't necessarily always *enjoy* it.

    spoilers okay here?

    cuz a couple waiting for "something to happen" while staring at a black glass box getting their faces chewed off is not exactly subtle.

  9. @snip cuz a couple waiting for "something to happen" while staring at a black glass box getting their faces chewed off is not exactly subtle.

    Hahaha, right on the money.

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    I don't get Showtime. Who gets Showtime? I need to see Twin Peaks but I don't get Showtime.

    This is a problem.

    Oh, I see the YITH's thing above. OK, maybe I'll go for the free trial and at least see the first episodes...

  11. Ep. 3 is like WHOA.

  12. Brought the novel home some months ago but dragged ass getting into it.
    Read somewhere that being familiar with the novel material is just as necessary as being familiar with FWWM. Anybody confirm?

  13. Just read somewhere else that, "Lynch never read the novel." So, wtf?

  14. a friend and i are disagreeing on how much we're feeling wally brando. i laughed out loud--a sort of fun house mirror version of being a little too on the nose, and a piss-take on the 50s homages of the original series.

  15. also i kinda wanted to go to a casino after watching eps 3 & 4. one armed bandits!

  16. 9 weeks ago
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    So, I'll preface this by saying that I'm not particularly familiar with Lynch's work in general, and I haven't really watched more than an episode or two of the original show.

    I'm now 4 episodes in (spoilers ahead), and a large proportion of what I've seen makes no sense. That's totally fine; it's early. It's fine to be lost as long as the weird stuff is setting something up and it's admit o make sense later.

    Dan Harmon was talking in a recent A/V Club interview about how you can't really write "pay-off based" TV anymore, because the audience is basically a huge and powerful render farm that's going to figure out the payoff before it airs. So basically there are three possibilities.

    1) David Lynch is going to play it straight. All the weird non-sequiturs and idiosyncracies will fit into place within some sort of resolution that makes sense. For that to happen, the random scenes already shown have to hang together logically in a way that will make the eventual payoff obvious to the aggregated super-computer of Internet fandom by episode 7. The "Game of Thrones" option.

    2) All of it, or more likely just a significant portion of the apparent non-sequiturs and random imagery will turn out to be red herrings. The ending will be vague and arbitrary and will be technically consistent with what we've seen, but the same will be true of a dozen other possible possible endings/explanations, some of which will become head-canon for the fans. The "Lost" option.

    3) The mix of relevant details and red herrings are a deliberate statement about exactly the phenomenon I'm talking about. This seems tentatively the most likely, given how implicitly self-referential the show has been so far... People watching a glass box, waiting for something to happen again after years of nothing, "It's not about the bunny. IS it about the bunny?", etc. "I hate to admit this, but I don't understand this situation at all", etc.

  17. I'll give you the probability of scenario 3, especially given how obvious some of those very things you (and snip) point out seem, but I'll add that if you had watched the full original run of Twin Peaks, or even just Fire Walk With Me, the new show would make a shit-ton more sense. The mythology that underlies the crazy stuff happening in these first four episodes is well-established.

    In your first scenario, why episode 7? Arbitrary, or part of Harmon's theory? I think it's likelier than not that we get some pretty solid resolution of the disparate storylines, and if there's anyone who can beat the Render Farm, it's David Lynch.

  18. 8 weeks ago

    7 was an estimation. That's roughly the point at which, if the stuff is real stuff and not peppered with randomness or deliberate misdirects, the fanboy algorithm should have enough data to extrapolate a solution.

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    I can't imagine watching this show without having seen the original series and being able to make sense of more than 5% of it.

    Toss out any algorithms about which episode you might expect to things to coalesce. Not just because it's Lynch, but because it wasn't conceived in terms of individual episodes. He shot the entire season from a single script, and edited it up into 18 parts later. Also, there's no "who killed Laura Palmer" 'solution' that we're waiting to have unveiled. The aspects of the show that were left unresolved at the end of the 2nd season were not whodunnits. They were the sorts of things that couldn't be easily answered. Or even properly understood enough to ask the questions.

  20. re-watched fire walk with me last week--lynch has indicated it's pretty important to understanding the new series. i hadn't watched FWWM in 20 plus years and kind of accepted the conventional wisdom that it was the prequel nobody needed, but watching recently struck by how not (all that) weird it was. opening the movie with a television being smashed...again, not subtle!

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