X Games Minneapolis 2017

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  2. 7 weeks ago

    the only thing that bugs me is the late-flip stuff. shouldnt be a thing.
    i get the flick-with-the-foot-you-jumped-from thing, but thats different.

    ehh, pressure flips and impossibles arent to different, really.

  3. There was one year it was a bunch of really hokey stuff like somehow Koston was in the the top 4. Sewa v Cody was pretty good. 2 previous winners battle it out in the first round.

  4. The late flip stuff is very P-Rod and maybe 1 or two others. I agree that prob shouldn't be a thing either. It's especially annoying when he just combos late flips into a bunch of different tricks too.

  5. I dont understand the hardflip 180s. gotta rewatch that stuff.

  6. I refer you to the master:

    ideally you can catch the hard flip in the air and then do the 180. on flat ground tho it's basicallly just a hard flip with the super fast sneaky revert kinda 180 at the end.

  7. backside makes sense, sort of
    I swear i saw sewa do one with the sneaky-frontside-revert, which just seems to defeat the purpose of a hard flip.
    almost like theres an invisible ledge/rail? doesnt sit right with me "do a grind in the middle"

  8. I'm seeing the tickets at 20/30$ for each day if you don't go to the music events. That's not too bad...

  9. 2 weeks ago

    Tomorrows outdoor vert/whatever is free.

  10. zom

    Jul 13 Doors Fans

    I'm only concerned with parking for work with these goofy activities going on.

  11. Edited 2 weeks ago by garyburrito

    Just grab yer board and hitch a ride on the next Uber Eats.


  12. zom

    Jul 13 Doors Fans

    I did have a skateboard from like 1981-83. I can't even remember the brand, but it had brown and orange wheels. I think it was about $40 at Alternative Bike and Skate.
    I never really got into all that skateboard stuff, tricks, ramps whatever. I found it boring and injurious.

  13. The superior sport of skateboarding is more badass now than it's ever been. I watch a lot of skateboarding vids and can't seem to keep up with the flow of talent in the last few years.

  14. pitpat, Toby Ronnie

    Jul 13 Administrator

    you see that slam that Phelps took on the downhill race in san francisco earlier this week? so brutal.

  15. Skateboarding is "boring". Dorp!

  16. zom

    Jul 13 Doors Fans

    @Turlough's ;Axe Skateboarding is "boring". Dorp!

    Yes, it is to me. Most sports-things are. Dorpy dorp dorp.

  17. @garyburrito Just grab yer board and hitch a ride on the next Uber Eats.


    I endorse this post.

  18. That game was fun.

  19. I preferred Road Rash, but yeah, it was cool.

  20. pitpat, Toby Ronnie

    Jul 13 Administrator

    me and mrmb alum 'coach' used to crush Road Rash in our dorm room.
    was funny to see how bad you'd crash if you played whilst hammered.

  21. If I remember correctly there was a cheat code that gave you some ridiculously over-powered bike right from the start and when you crashed you'd fly through the air forever.


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