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  1. 8 weeks ago
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    @frypan asked:

    Got a used Virtue 6 speed cruiser on Craigslist and I am loving that thing. It's a great commuter.

    Here's a question for ya bikers. What do you do about the wind noise on your ears? I've tried wrapping a bandana over them but it's just kinda ok.

    There's a product for that! The one manufacturer I know that makes this helmet accessory is called Cat-Ears, and they make this little piece that attaches to your helmet on the straps by your ears, reducing wind noise. I can't get the webpage to pull up at work, but I think it's just

    and, no, unfortunately, they don't look like cute kitty ears.

    I guess there's another one available on amazon called Wind-Blox

  2. Cali @ Cherry Cycles just did a complete tune up for me...New chain, brake cables, bar tape, the full whack. Rides like a dream now. <3


  3. That's gorgeous.

  4. Thank you! Drove to Milwaukee to get the frame when they first started making them a dozen or so years ago...the head badges weren't attached to the frames yet, I had to do it myself; they only had orange (fine by me, but now you can have any color you want); and they weren't making forks yet. Made by Waterford! Chuck @ Behind Bars built it up for me.

  5. 7 weeks ago
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    I stupidly sprained my ankle real good bouldering at the gym, and I'm out of the race season for the moment. I'm fucking PISSED, because I've been training and was doing really well out there. I'm working on not spiraling down into a despair pit about it, and the beautiful weather helps. On the bright side, my job provides E-assist bikes for those who want to use them for commuting, and my commute is possible as a result. The moment I started riding it, I said to myself, "Fuck me for anything bad I've ever said about ebikes." They're wonderful. I DO, however, miss looking extremely tough on my bike. The ebike is... very laid back. Like, this morning I was drinking coffee while riding. I mean, it doesn't do the work FOR you, you still have to pedal and do all the things to make it move like a regular bike, but there's a slight assist on the pedaling. So, going twenty miles an hour against the wind is pretty cushy instead of a workout, but you still have to put the effort in. These bikes are a fantastic resource for people with mobility problems or if your fitness level just isn't up to a bike commute, but you'd like to commute that way anyway. The downside is they're very expensive and heavy. Hauling them up or down stairs would be the toughest workout they provide, but if you have a secure garage, they're a dream.

    It even has pannier racks, and I've been using them. This is different, but I can't say I hate it.

  6. tbh i got passed by an ebike going up a big hill in st paul and the envy was real

  7. @jenn that is a bummer indeed. keep in mind that there is a lot of racing season left though. heal quickly.

  8. oh god sorry, that sounded callous . hope your connective tissues heal faster than they've ever healed before

  9. @lobster cock oh god sorry, that sounded callous . hope your connective tissues heal faster than they've ever healed before

    haha aw you're sweet, and no worries! I didn't take it as such. :)

  10. @fildrummond @jenn that is a bummer indeed. keep in mind that there is a lot of racing season left though. heal quickly.

    Thanks, bud. I am keeping that in mind, and my team is super supportive. It's just weird to start the season with so much momentum only to have to come to a hard stop for a minute.

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    I'm thinking I'll pull a crew together for Powderhorn 24 this year. Pretty casual, mostly want to hang out and have fun. Anyone interested? @DustyClaws @Vanessa, looking at you in particular but it's a question addressed to the masses.

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    I rode my actual bike today! My sprints are bullshit, but I'm mobile! feels good, man.

    I should probably put a brake on my bike while I'm still healing.

  13. 4 weeks ago

    I got back into cycling 2 years ago where I live now -- Kingston, NY. Anyone on Strava other than jenn on here?

  14. Me on Strava. Use it maybe thrice a week. Should use it more #cardrivershame

  15. 3 weeks ago

    I AM BACK AT RACING. My first night back was last Thursday, and I took 3rd Omnium. My ankle felt stiff and sore, but mostly I was feeling the time off the bike. It feels weird and bit disheartening to not be at the strength level I should be at this point in the season, but I'm so happy to be back. The velodrome infield community of WTF racers is fucking amazing and so supportive.

  16. I have the Strava app installed, but I'm not "on" Strava because I don't have to tell you where I'm going, mom.

  17. Glad you're back racing, jenn. Do they allow recumbents up there? Hahaha.

  18. I got a fun ride in last night.

  19. Very glad the road/fast bike I gave my little brother 15 years ago is still really quick.
    Just visited him in Philly & it's so nice to know he actually rides it a lot. Surprisingly
    comfortable for such a fast ride.

  20. Nice looking bike that!

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