June Watchening 2017

  1. 8 weeks ago

    Picnic at Hanging Rock - Excellent 1975 Australian film, based on the real-life disappearances of a group of school girls in 1900. Tense and arty like a Nicholas Roeg or Bunuel film. A+

    The Dragon, The Hero - Above average kung fu movie with Dragon Lee and Bolo (who has a comically gross chest moustache), directed by Godfrey Ho before he started making frankenfilms out of unfinished projects (typically starring a very drunk Richard Harrison).

    Slither - Hadn't seen this in quite a while. The first half is kind of a drag, but the latter half makes up for it.

  2. I LOVE Picnic at Hanging Rock. I was lucky enough to see it at the Oak Street once, too. I heard a miniseries based on it is being made, but I think it might only be aired in Australia.

  3. Peter Weir's early Aussie flicks are, as the kids might say, dope.

  4. Yep. The last wave is nuts.

  5. I think they screened both of those Weir films at the Trylon recently. I haven't seen them tho. )-:

    Which, speaking of, Trylon is going to be closing soon for their remodel.

  6. [quote=4228036:@cojak

    Which, speaking of, Trylon is going to be closing soon[/quote]

    When will this year stop already lol

  7. @LA Nick [quote=4228036:@cojak

    Which, speaking of, Trylon is going to be closing soon

    When will this year stop already lol[/quote]

    Chill, they are just expanding the space, etc. Twice as many seats! Re-opening late August.

  8. Still when will this year stop!

  9. 7 weeks ago

    @SwagathaChristie [quote=4228057:@LA Nick]

    Chill, they are just expanding the space, etc. Twice as many seats! Re-opening late August.

    Hell yes

  10. I know, just trying 2 raise drama. Thanks 4 the info, tho. Saw Spidey John there a while back.

  11. Hey save the drama for your mama

  12. -image-

  13. RIP, Llama.

  14. The Wizard of Gore - I've been slowly catching up on the Herschell Gordon Lewis classics, and while some of them justify the title, this one sure doesn't. Commits the cardinal sin of being largely boring, on top of lacking the level of black humor and just plain strangeness of Two Thousand Maniacs and Color Me Blood Red. Even the gore doesn't seem as inspired.

    The Invisible Man - I hadn't seen this since I was a little kid, and it's probably still tied for my favorite Universal horror movie, with The Mummy. Holds up pretty well, I think.

  15. Get Me Roger Stone - Man this guy is a creep. Can't decide if he is as genius and all-powerful as this makes him out to be or a guy who has gotten lucky and is very good at shaping his image. Probably both. Wanted to wash my eyes after seeing.

    Bottom of the World - I think the director was aiming for something like Lost Highway but boy did he/she miss the mark. This was really stupid.

    Manchester by the Sea - Finally got around to seeing this on a plane. Very affecting but the fact that Affleck seems like such a creep took some of that away for me. Also, is every movie set in Boston about insular groups of working class tough guys who can't express emotions?

    Toni Erdmann - Not bad but I really don't see what all the hype was about for this film. Mildly funny and touching at best.

  16. Yep, I had about the same sentiments on Roger Stone doc. And I had no clue who he was beforehand. I think he is, unfortunately, at least somewhat powerful.

  17. What did he keep calling the film crew? Filthy liberals? That was kinda hilarious, with touches of Man Bites Dog.

  18. Something like that. He obviously relished the attention from the filmmakers while at the same time insulting them (though in a way that seems packaged to appear as charming).

  19. Reviews of It Comes At Night have me thinking I might wanna see that.

  20. Totally. Been excited for that one

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