Trump and Other Current Events of 2017

  1. 2 months ago

    Perhaps the trump/politics/current event shit could be discussed here as I very much enjoy the discourse of the board but trump thread 2.0 is crapping out already which is no fun.

  2. So what's on the agenda this week?
    Jeff Sessions set to testify?
    Travel ban defeated in court once again.
    Republicans doing some shady shit with healthcare under the protection of trump media smoke screen.
    In some good news, trump being sued by D.C. And Maryland over his shady business shit. Not holding my breathe but probably a good step.

  3. Mike Quigley (D-Ill.) introduced the Communications Over Various Feeds Electronically for Engagement act to classify presidential social media posts as presidential records.

  4. pitpat, Toby Ronnie

    Jun 12 Administrator

    quigley down under

  5. Alex Jones on primetime on Megyn Kelly's new NBC show this weekend.

  6. Ah yes that has caused quite a stir. I generally agree there is no reason to give this man a platform to speak.

  7. Apparently 110 of the USAF's fleet of A-10s need replacement wings as the aircraft ages. I wonder what well-informed military aerospace analyst Donald Trump will say. Because it really could be anything.


  8. That worshipful cabinet meeting, wow. I just can't recall anything like it.

  9. And now they are clumsily floating getting rid of Mueller out there, via surrogates.

  10. Oh, I double-dog dare them to do that.

  11. @DustyClaws Ah yes that has caused quite a stir. I generally agree there is no reason to give this man a platform to speak.

    Apparently Jones himself doesn't want it to air, presumably realizing that further scrutiny outside of his bubble can lead to nothing good for him, although he publicly claims it's because she has misrepresented his views on Sandy Hook.

    Also, have I mentioned he's a moon hoaxer, which is a warsawpactarmor red card.

  12. @warsawpactarmor Oh, I double-dog dare them to do that.

    "So clickservatives, Trump fellators, fanboys, grunting MAGA mouthbreathers, SING OUT now."

  13. 7 weeks ago

    Hey guys, has Trump done anything interesting recently?

  14. The only thing I heard about is that he was recently given the World Class Shitpile award by Bottom Barrel Shitpile Monthly magazine.

  15. Where's Bannon these days?

  16. -image-

  17. That one did it for me.

  18. @N1CKS Where's Bannon these days?

    For that matter, where's Baby Spice?

  19. Deliberately not on camera.

  20. I just started ranting about this voter registration business and how much I hate Trump and Kobach to my elderly parents, until I realized they don't care anymore. I don't even know if my pop understands Trump is the President. Must be nice, in a way.
    At least he doesn't watch Fox anymore.

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