Trump and Other Current Events of 2017

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  2. 7 hours ago

    Todays shit idea was done to secure funding for last year's shit idea.

    Trump banned transgender service members to secure funding to build border wall, Politico reports

  3. 6 hours ago

    Stee-rike two

  4. was that vote to JUST repeal and not replace?

  5. Repeal-and-delay, yeah.

  6. 5 hours ago

    @Finn McCool Stee-rike two

    "All of them (Republican Senators voting against the bill today) except Collins voted in favor of a nearly identical proposal two years ago."

    the art or practice of pursuing a dangerous policy to the limits of safety before stopping, typically in politics.

  7. garyburrito 2 hours ago
    Todays shit idea was done to secure funding for last year's shit idea.

    Trump banned transgender service members to secure funding to build border wall, Politico reports

    "...defense hawks wanted a ban on Pentagon-funded sex reassignment operations — something GOP leaders wouldn’t give them.

    They turned to Trump, who didn’t hesitate."

    wow, so they went from limiting funding of sexual reassignment operations to an outright ban with the flick of a wrist. Kind or ironic I guess that the GOP seemed not to want this in limited scope and now they're getting much more than they even bargained for (kinda like with this president).

  8. 4 hours ago

    Yes, and then Orrin Hatch (!!!) issued a pro-trans statement, objecting to the President's tweets.

    I mean...what the fuck?

  9. I can't with this timeline and want our original universe back.

  10. And Jim Mattis appears to have been against this from the beginning. What "generals" did he speak with? General Steve Miller? General Steve Bannon? Fuck these people. My twitter was further banned later this afternoon cause of this nonsense. Kill trump.

  11. Get in on this: Twitter Users Blocked by Trump File Lawsuit

  12. Oh damn. I'm still working towards a trump block, would be an honor. This was more banned by twitter themselves for threatening/harassing behavior or whatever.

  13. 3 hours ago

    You mean the exact behavior on display over at @realDonaldTrump.

  14. Yeah sorta just with less inuendo. I've talked a lot of shit the last week or so but it looks like what got me was some post along the lines of "you worthless piece of shit, please choke on a dick and die die die death to America". Something like that.

  15. No point in doing that stuff anyway. I mean, Twitter is just a cesspool of garbage but whatever. The trans posts this morning just got me triggered is all.

  16. You were just retweeting his message to Jeff Sessions, right?

  17. Haha seriously. This cabinet just loves "transparency". He's being pretty transparent when he trashes his ag 3 days in a row trying to force him to resign so he can get someone "loyal" to challenge Mueller without having to raise too many red flags firing sessions. I never thought I'd be defending Jeff Sessions or that I'd be wanting him to stay in the role, if even out of spite. Stick with it you little racist Keebler elf.

  18. True story: The US Senate has not technically had a recess for several years, because Mitch McConnell is a treacherous bag of feces who wouldn't give Obama even the slightest chance to make any appointments. But, hey, he also appears to be extending this blockade into the current administration, denying #Dolt45 the opportunity to sack Sessions and appoint a Chris-Christie-shaped toadie without Senate approval. So there's that.

  19. 2 hours ago

    hard to imagine a worse pick than Sessions, but who knows. I sorta wouldn't mind if President Dumb Little Bitch stopped whining and just fired the turd already.

  20. But slapping around the hobbit is angering both sides in the Senate, as he is one of theirs after all.

  21. He's afraid to fire Sessions - afraid of the reaction of Bannon, the Senate, the immigration-focused parts of his base, and also because he's intimidated by unstaged personal confrontations with anybody smarter and with more gravitas than him, a low bar that even someone like Sessions easily clears. I'm still amazed he psyched himself into firing Comey, who's, like, really tall. And in that case he did it by dainty couriered letter.


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