NBA 2017-2018. The Butler Done Did It

  1. 4 weeks ago

    R.I.P Zach

    Chris Paul to Houston.
    Jackson out of NY.
    Jimmy Butler's phone # is (773) 899-6071

  2. Butler Baby!

  3. haha, I just got received a voice mail from Jimmy Butler. Didn't listen to it past, "Hey, this is Jimmy Butler." Erased, Buckets!

  4. Goddamn, I am so happy. Love J-But.



  7. This is a big mistake.

  8. jeff teague is so bad

  9. I came back to the board to be sad with you.

  10. Making the playoffs should help those of you who are sad

  11. And we are signing Teague for more money and years than Ricky was due, this is fucking idiotic.

    And holy shit, Paul George to OKC. What a week.

  12. Fugggg George to OKC. Man the NBA offseason is wild!

    Also anyone just thinking about how astounded Rubio will be when he's floating in the Great Salt Lake?

  13. 3 weeks ago

    I loved Rubio but I like the idea of playoffs more.

  14. So they wouldn't have made the playoffs with Towns, Wiggins, Butler, and Rubio?

  15. @stu So they wouldn't have made the playoffs with Towns, Wiggins, Butler, and Rubio?

    Exactly. I have no problems with Teague, but I don't think it's an upgrade over Ricky overall.

  16. Indeed. Teague is a downgrade. He's only a little better as a shooter, but can't create space out of nothing via passing like Rubio, is nowhere near as good of a defender or rebounder, he's I think three years older than Ricky and we're giving him more years to him than we owed Ricky, while also giving him more money than we owed Ricky. Makes no sense at all. The Teague thing has nothing to do with us now being a probable playoff team again.

  17. When we traded Ricky, I thought if we maybe got Kyle Lowry, that'd be a good piece of business. Rumor was that Butler was buttering him up to come to MN. Instead we signed Teague while Lowry was still on the market, which has me dumbfounded. Is it so we could sign Taj Gibson? If so, why don't we call Toronto and ask if they'll trade us Lowry for Teague and Gibson and see how hard they laugh at us. Oh well, most likely getting in the playoffs again will be great. Hayward leaving Utah helps, both in terms of torpedoing a team above us and giving us 4 easier games in the division.

  18. ^^^^^

  19. Everybody on board the Deonte Burton train.


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