Weakwick ~ Bug Fix ~ General Baby ~Celica ~Emergency Music 7/26

  1. 3 weeks ago

    weird perfect storm of awesome music coming together !!!

    (with members of Sara Johnson and Motörrad Reisen)
    is back for one second maybe they will play another show sometime before 2020

    ->General Baby
    (with members of Knife World and Poop Smear Mirror)
    guitar shaman Jon Neilson is back in town for one second and is going to lay it down with his current project
    where he skyps in his band mate

    ->Emergency Music
    (with members of Skoal Kodiak and Noise Quean Ant)
    Brady's new project ~ two piece art rock !!!

    ->Bug Fix
    (with members of Birthday Suits, Red Pens, and Selby Tigers)
    high energy punk

    (with members of Mute Era and Sweet Jap)
    Dance Noise Dystopian Love Songs

    ->Psychomantic the Ritual Death Cult
    (with members of Transitional Species and ING)
    consciousness is an illusion

    Kitty Kat Club
    July 26th
    Music starts at 930 !!


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