Show Calendar !!!

  1. 3 weeks ago

    Hey I am doing a show calendar news letter type thing
    catering to people who have my taste in music
    (noise experimental free jazz good punk psyk prog metal)
    here is this months one
    if you want to get it in every month in your email shoot a message to

    some good news this month ~ Weakwick is in town also Jon Neilson of Knife World fame ~ and Tourniquet Birthday show !! bad news this is the last month to see shows at the Reverie

    this is What is good !!!
    (trust me)

    July 6 reverie ~ 4 a good time
    Superthief/Ex Nuns/Buildings/New Primals/Tongue Party

    July 8th First Ave
    for OG goths only
    Pop Tone (with members of Bauhaus & Tones on Tail)

    July 9 Studio Toile d’Angles
    Teenage Boatpeople —
    Jeff Johnson: guitar, bass, vocal; Milo Fine: drum set (percussion), piano, b flat & alto clarinets

    July 13 Khyber Pass
    Milo Fine - Benjamin Mansavage Klein - Davu Seru
    Davu Seru on percussion, Milo Fine on clarinets and Benjamin Mansavage Klein on tuba.

    July 13 Eagles club
    Aeresol Pike 9:15 Rob Stealcheat 10:00 Kasparov Trio 10:45 China City 11:30

    July 17 Tourniquet Turns Three ~ kitty Kat Club
    The celebration of Harsh Noise, Death Experimental and Dark Ambient
    Kjostad, The Beheadresses, Vortax, baby, Blood Pressure, Lisa Macgrarh

    July 20 Khyber
    Pangolin BED DEATH live at the Khyber
    Adam June ~ Charles Gillett ~ Nick Zielinski

    July 22 Grumpies Bash 17
    this is during the day outside summer thing

    July 22 The Hook and Ladder Theater
    great to see a new venue for shows !!!
    Zebulon Pike, Total Fucking Blood, Skin of Earth at The Hook

    July 24th at eagles
    Harsh Noise!!!

    July 26th KittyKat
    General Baby (guitar shaman Jon Neilson is back in town for one second)
    Emergency Music (with members of Skoal Kodiak and Noise Quean Ant)
    Bug Fix
    Psychomantic the Ritual Death Cult

    July 29th Icehouse !
    The Blight (Meditations On Insignificance) Release Show
    w/ fanny hill, and rra

    July 29 Seward-
    Dog(NY), SSS(OH), Motörrad Reisen, Intercourse, Velvet Curtain
    (i want to see Intercourse is about with members of permanent waves and Cokskar)

    July 31st Palmers Early show ~ 7 to 10 pm
    noise !!
    Street Rat, Taphophile, Virgin Flower, Transitional Species

    August 3 Pinwheel Arts 7pm to 10pm
    the continuing series ‘sound and vision’ presents
    Paul Metzger ~ Venereal Crush ~ Transitional Species
    Visual Artists TBA

    August 5 Hexagon ~ no wave !!
    FLesh Narc~ Thin Skin~ Itch Princess~ Nice Boys~ quiet lies

    and yep there are lots of good shows i am leaving out
    coming up in about 7.5 billion years the sun will expand and engulf the earth


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