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  2. 6 hours ago

    the paint fumes from the can provide extra awesomeness

  3. Apple seeds contain cyanide for that added boost.

  4. eat the apple for nice buzz and doctor repellent

  5. hey remember when tom hanks had a psychotic break during an oscar-acceptance speech

    bc i didn't either

  6. Wait, wait, stay with me here: What if you put the apple inside the Pepper can?

  7. once we're all living in the bunker, you 're our designated pipe-maker.

  8. and apples work ok but we always used po-ta-toes to keep the lighter away from our sk8r bangz

  9. 5 hours ago

    whoah. pro tip.

  10. in college, i smoked out of an apple on the campus lawn outside of wherever i took my last finals exam every year. being able to consume the incriminating paraphernalia is of considerable benefit to the paranoid public toker.

  11. just remembered that our college slang for bong rips was Bea Arthurs.

    bong rips = B.R.'s = Bea Arthur

  12. Edited 5 hours ago by jenn

    lol I just asked the vending machine dude if he could stock the machine with sardines.

    He goes, "No, but I can do Poptarts."

  13. they both have bones

  14. sardines: nature's poptarts

  15. lolol @ arby

  16. that's what i call the unfrosted parts of pop tarts. "the bones"

  17. Loool

  18. 3 hours ago

    That's what my sister called pizza crust when we were kids.

  19. As those are the parts often fed to the dog, the term still applies.

  20. Unless an idiot put too little salt in the dough, throwing away the crusts is literal treason.

  21. If there is ranch or marinara I'm into it otherwise crust goes to the dog or trash can or compost what have you.


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