KMSU presents: David Nance in Mankato for a free show (Aug. 5th)

  1. 2 weeks ago

    Who: David Nance
    What: KMSU, MWAC, and The NaKato presents
    When: Saturday, August 5th
    Where: NaKato Bar & Grill (253 Belgrade Ave. in North Mankato)
    Why: To Do the Negative Boogie

    KMSU, MWAC, and NaKato are pleased to again be presenting David Nance and his band at the NaKato Bar & Grill on Saturday, August 5th. Nance rolled through town around this time last summer and unleashed his ragged brand of garage-psych burners that left every Poncho & Lefty burger charred before ever touching the grill. This time around, Nance will be arriving with an expanded band line-up that is capable of channeling the loose swagger of Crazy Horse at their finest and with a brand new album in his hip pocket called Negative Boogie. How does a rock outfit from Omaha “boogie” you ask? As his record label puts it: “Well, it's a bit like Canned Heat but with Pere Ubu's queasy rhythms and someone playing five finger fillet with Swell Maps.” Let’s put it this way, it’s rock music played the way it was meant to be played: raw, loud, catchy, and cathartic as all get out. The online music publication Noisey included Nance’s album More Than Enough in their Top 100 Albums of 2016 calling him “Possibly the best songwriter in the United States that nobody outside DIY tape collectors and his friends has heard.” Southern Minnesota music aficionados: don’t miss out!! It’s time to get on board and do the negative boogie.


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  2. Also playing a show on 8/4 at the Eagles Club (Mpls)


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