KMSU presents: Simon Joyner in Mankato for a free show (Aug. 18th)

  1. 2 weeks ago

    Who: Simon Joyner & the Ghosts (trio line-up)
    What: KMSU, MWAC, and The NaKato presents
    When: Friday, August 18th at 9:30 p.m.
    Where: NaKato Bar & Grill (253 Belgrade Ave. in North Mankato)
    Why: To gather together to see a high-quality yet under-appreciated songwriter perform

    Simon Joyner is a renowned American singer-songwriter who first came to prominence during the Lo-Fi movement of the early 90's alongside contemporaries mining similar territory like Will Oldham, Peter Jefferies, the Mountain Goats, and Bill Callahan. Joyner was championed early by the late British DJ, John Peel, who famously played Joyner's 1994 LP, "The Cowardly Traveller Pays His Toll", start to finish on one of his BBC programs, initially making Joyner more well known overseas than in his own country. He is often referred to as one of the forefathers of the Omaha music scene and an influence on his friend, Conor Oberst, of Bright Eyes.

    Following the mercurial path of heroes like Neil Young and Bob Dylan, Joyner has been releasing literate and challenging albums
    since the release of his first album, Room Temperature, in 1993. His discography includes twenty-two full-length recordings and numerous singles and guest appearances. A book of his lyrics was released in 2016 under the title "Only Love Can Bring You Peace: Selected Lyrics (1990-2014)." He tours the United States and Europe semi-regularly and is the co-owner of the Grapefruit Records label which operates from offices in Brooklyn, NY and Omaha, NE.

    Simon Joyner & the Ghosts are touring the U.S. in support of his new LP, and they'll be making a stop in North Mankato on Friday, August 18th. Don't miss this FREE performance at The Nakato Bar & Grill.


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