Video Games 2017

  1. 2 weeks ago

    Uninstalled overwatch for a break cause I was playing too much and it's a silly waste of time.

    Been watching a lot of PUBG videos and thinking about getting. Anyone started playing that at all?

  2. last week

    i got overwatch but am uninterested in the meta game and just fly around as phaedra blasting people, pretty fun

    playing wolfenstein- new order, it's pretty entertainingly over the top, shooting nazis and massive nazi robots on the moon, etc

    got cities skylines in the steam sale too, not sure how much i like it, made a fairly cool citiy but i feel like half the game is figuring out what 'the rules' are, because they don't have much in the way of any of manuals/tutorials etc

  3. It's cool pharah is meta most of the time.

  4. i mean like all the strategies, and people whining about the latest patch, etc

  5. Yeah I feel the same way. I just recently stopped following the meta and every patch as it comes out. There is no way to balance this game. It's still fun despite all that. Doomfist doesn't look that fun to me either. Hopefully overwatch can keep people interested tho.

  6. Destiny 2 beta starts tmr if I'm not mistaken

  7. oh and i guess i meant pharah, not phaedra. same diff

  8. No worries. I put in around 450 hours into Overwatch and can kinda play mostly everyone. Still on my break from playing or watching streams of it tho. Will come back for next event.

    Destiny 2 beta started today and I've been watching some streams. It actually looks kinda Overwatchy. But still feels very Halo. It looks okay I guess.

  9. PUBG is still a more entertaining game to watch people play, generally.

  10. 5 days ago

    Anyone watch doctor dis-respect stream at all? Pretty sure he is one of the top 3 most successful streamers atm. He has pretty high production value I'll admit. Not that it's that hard to do these days you just need a nice gaming computer and solid secondary. Honestly I wasn't a huge fan at first and it's taken me a while but I've came around to the king of stream. The 2 time world champ. Yes, the doctor is in. Come come come.

  11. Honestly twitch has become pretty addicting. It was okay when all the streamers I like were in the morning when I was busy or at work. But now I've found streamers I like basically at any hour of the day makes it hard to get anything done.

    I took a break from overwatch to try and get my bearings and I ended up losing a bunch of money on some stupid gambling website and I'm constantly streaming twitch gamers so... fuck it? Just redownloaded overwatch cause clearly the problem is bigger than just this game lolol

  12. 4 days ago

    is elite: dangerous worth it? i'm tempted.

  13. For 30 bucks on stream I'd buy PUBG instead. Very diff games of course. Elite dangerous sounds cool tho

  14. just got a ps4 on prime day and am having a blast with uncharted. man, graphics are so crazy these days!!
    anyone know a good golf game for ps4? i really like the old pga tour games for genesis and ps2 so hoping the newer ones are okay?

  15. Don't know any golf games but if I got PS4 I'd probably pick up some of these games (in no particular order):
    Destiny 2 (out in September)
    Shovel Knight
    The binding of issac: rebirth
    Maybe resident evil 7
    Rocket league
    Maybe metal gear solid 5


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