Every Winter That Ever Came Has Ended: GOT Season 7

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    Hey, there's Shaun from This Is England!

  2. ed sheeren no

  3. What an action packed episode that was. I liked how it showed Cersie's big map along with Dany's big map at the end setting the stage for the season. And then it's the wall verse the undead so two wars going on I guess.

  4. Question? Does every winter bring the rising of the undead with it? Like is it just part of the deal? If they fight the blue dudes and kill the ice darth maul looking guy will that stop the undead for good, or are zombies just part of winter in the GOT world? Thanks, I'll take my answer off the air.

  5. I don't think so. Everyone talks about winter like something to prepare for and ned would talk about past winters but the white walkers were more of a myth that everyone wouldn't believe existed at first (even Ned).

  6. yeah, those things don't emerge every winter. This winter will be exceptionally deadly and scary and cold.

  7. This winter will be the worst St. Paul streets have ever seen

  8. It was a little strange that Dragonstone was completely deserted with no accounting for what happened. I mean, did Stannis really pack up every last man woman and child and take them with him?

    Also, now that basically everyone is in Westeros do you think we'll ever find out what's the deal with Valyria ?

  9. Prediction: Euron Greyjoy's priceless gift to Queen Cersei will be Ellaria and the Sand Snakes.

  10. Oh nice! I was thinking tyrion (but also wondering how the fuck that would happen). I forgot all about the sand snakes cuz they were kinda lame

  11. Clearly we are lead to believe that Wun Wun has become a white walker. The giant we got a good look at had the missing left eye. If it is Wun Wun, we really need an explanation.

  12. Isn't the horn that can control dragons in Euron's possession? If anything that seems a more likely priceless gift candidate

  13. @jonbehm Isn't the horn that can control dragons in Euron's possession? If anything that seems a more likely priceless gift candidate


  14. Well that sucks!

  15. Yeah that item sounds overpowered lol

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    Apparently the user of the horn will not survive.

  17. So Tormund just kinda peaced out there. He's like you want me to go to some castle, anything for you J snow. Their bro love is so strong.

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    Prediction: Eastwatch is overrun by white walker army and Tormund is killed, setting up WW invasion of Westeros.

  19. Fuck these guys. 'Game of Thrones' Showrunners Announce Next Project for HBO: 'Confederate'

    Who green-lit this white supremacist pornography?

  20. @Finn McCool Who green-lit this white supremacist pornography?

    Jeff Beauregard Sessions III - Attorney General, USA 2017.

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