Every Winter That Ever Came Has Ended: GOT Season 7

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  2. 6 days ago

    @Mannyapolis SPOILER:

    Apparently the user of the horn will not survive.

    Isn't there something about it burning the lungs of the blower? I thought that, but the internet doesn't confirm that.

  3. @YITH aka "Man in the High Plantation House"

    Man in the Double-Wide Castle

  4. @Mannyapolis Prediction: Euron Greyjoy's priceless gift to Queen Cersei will be Ellaria and the Sand Snakes.

    I think it's unlikely based only on the fraction of a second from one of the Season 7 trailers that showed Mom Snake gettin sexy with Yarra Greyjoy.

  5. @Finn McCool Man in the Double-Wide Castle

    "Man in the High Shotgun Shack."

  6. 4 days ago

    Southern Man in the High Castle

  7. I wonder what kind of retaliation the Tyrells will bring to King's landing along with Dorne.

  8. Are there any Tyrell's even left?

  9. In the books there is I guess. In the shows it's just Olenna Tyrell who teamed up with Dorne to support Daenerys. Probably will only play small role moving forward.

  10. 2 days ago

    Well that was a pretty cool episode

  11. I am a little disappointed that Arya isn't going to be the leader of an army of wolves. Had my hopes up there for a sec.

  12. Also, @Mannyapolis on point with the predication re: Sand Snakes

  13. Overall I felt like the episode was a lot of setup and not as much action. Still, kind of psyched for a few impending things: Arya returning to Winterfell, Jon Snow meeting Daenarys, whatever the fuck is going to happen w/Kings Landing, Dorne, Tyrells, etc.

    Also, good luck with that Dragon crossbow guys. Better shoot straight.

  14. I still have basic misunderstandings about the White Walkers. Is there a difference between a white walker and a wight? They can only be killed by fire, valyerian steel, or dragon glass, right? Weren't some of them killed at the Battle of Hardhome? Like weren't they smashed or something? Or does that just slow them down?

  15. Yup, different. The White Walkers (called “Others” in the books) are essentially necromancers initiated while human by the Night’s King, and can be dispatched by dragonglass or Valyrian steel. Not sure if actual dragons’ fire can kill them, as dragons are magical or at least harbingers of magical activity in the series. Regular fire I don’t believe is given the chance to harm Walkers because their chilly aura snuffs out non-magical combustion.

    The Wights are the undead raised by the Walkers. They can be killed by fire or, if memory serves, total bodily dismemberment.

    The term “walkers” seems to be used metonymically, as the host of undead almost certainly outnumbers the actual White Walkers.

  16. There are fire wights as well - those raised from the dead by the power of Azor Ahai. Jon Snow and Beric Dondarrion being two of them.

    One thing I didn't understand is why Nymeria's presence made the air extra cold the way white walkers does

  17. One thing I didn't understand is why Nymeria's presence made the air extra cold the way white walkers does

    I took the scene being cold as showing Arya's turn to the "north"

  18. Really great battle plan there, Tyrion.

  19. @jonbehm Also, @Mannyapolis on point with the predication re: Sand Snakes

    I had (mis?)read his prediction as being about bringing the Dornish as allies, not as captives.

    Points either way.

  20. Dorne allies with cercei??

  21. yesterday

    Man Euron Greyjoy really sucks. Not because he's evil, but because he's just really stupid. There isn't really even any camp to his thing. When this whole thing is said an done next year, I think the contest will be between him and the Sand Snakes as to who was this show's Poochie.


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