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    This website needs its own thread because it is too much fun. I need a bounce back though.. Lost about 30 bucks when the president tweeted "my son" yesterday. I now have a freakish amount of money riding on the Vice President not tweeting very much in the next 48 hours. Also put a lot on Loretta Lynch not testifying to congress in 2017 but apparently the chances of that have gone up so that's my biggest liability right now besides the tweeting.

  2. Kid rock and Caitlyn Jenner almost equally likely to make a senate run.

  3. Lol

  4. hey claws....i know a guys who works for "Bob".
    Probs gonna happen

  5. If bob thinks it's hot I'll go hard on it. BCRA passing before August moved into the 3% zone today.

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    My Spicer stock is up 2 cents so that is redeeming. If only there was more faith in Chris Wray getting confirmed so I can dump what I have on it and at least break even. I think Thursday is the committee hearing on it or something.

  7. Health Care Overhaul Collapses as Two Republican Senators Defect

  8. OJ aqquital tomorrow. It's 3/4 odds he'll get acquitted. I have no horse in the race personally. I kinda like the 25% no but not confident enough in it. I'd take it for as low as 20 cents tho for sure

  9. Acquittal? I thought he was just up for parole.

  10. Thanks. Yes parole. If granted, then release around October I believe. He's done 9 of 33 possible years. About to turn 70. Apparently was well behaved prisoner (it's easier to be when you have financial support from the outside).

    I'm surprised by predict t's 25/75 on it. Bovada just opened parole by 2017 and they're more 35/65 but that's by 2017 whereas as predict it is by the end of July. But I think he only gets one hearing this year either way so same difference??

  11. OJ could be getting out of prison? man i bet Jay Leno can't wait! So many more OJ jokes!

  12. pitpat, Toby Ronnie

    Jul 19 Administrator

    i bet he'd already told Mavis some real zingers

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    John McCain brain cancer diagnosis was exactly what I needed to stir up the tweet market and push things closer to my bracket. I was almost loosing hope and am still on the fringe with it and highly invested so hoping the vp is feeling sassy the next 36 hours. Also need more tweets from the POTUS account plz.


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