Thank You, Bones Malone! A Private Performance

  1. 4 weeks ago


    One night only! The Triple Rock's first ever play! Opening bands:

    Sass (bandcamp)
    Motari Jaguar (youtube)
    4th Curtis (bandcamp)

    For real, I'm super proud to have co-wrote this production featuring original music. I hope you can make it for this special evening!

  2. Wat

  3. Come to the play. We will be serving warmed-up LaCroix. It'll be the leftover water from the LaCroix brats we're cooking on stage. This play is also a live cooking show.

  4. 2 weeks ago

    Big thanks to all that came out to see our play! It was thrilling and gratifying to see our creation come to life!

    We took multiple video angles of the show and will spend some time on post-production with companion vids to create a final piece I'll share here in the near future.

  5. It was hillarious. I had a great time. Good work!

  6. last week

    Make more weird art.


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