August 2017 Listening

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  2. 2 weeks ago

    Mike Patton is batting .1000 for making unlistenable music for ol Arby here

  3. So you like 90% of his stuff?

  4. pitpat, Toby Ronnie

    Aug 7 Administrator

    arby has seven Mr Bungle tattoos iirc

  5. I've recently interfaced with some of the Moonchild stuff PATTON/Joey Baron/Trevor Dunn sometimes Medeski all the songs are written & conducted by Zorn and it is...ok.

  6. Lots of Cecil Taylor and Charlemagne Palestine over the wknd

  7. maybe like Epic is pretty cool

  8. The Impressions - Keep on Pushing. Never really paid that much attention to these guys - I don't know why. This record is fantastic though.

  9. pitpat, Toby Ronnie

    Aug 8 Administrator

    it's just rich little doing celebrity voices, no?

  10. @pitpat, Toby Ronnie it's just rich little doing celebrity voices, no?

    I think yr thinking of Politics and Popcorn

  11. Curtis Mayfield's impression of Curtis Mayfield is spot on

  12. Also been listening to the first two Raincoats albums and mostly concluding that I like the first one better. The second one seems like it should be right up my alley though

  13. Burning-Silver A.D.
    hey is this band still doing anything? i'm really enjoying this!

  14. last week

    They play out pretty often. They played Icehouse a week ago with Hide.

  15. Cooooooool to the max!

  16. #stillprostatetome

  17. is busily digitizing old 78s:

    The Great 78 Project

    The digitization will make this less commonly available music accessible to researchers in a format where it can be manipulated and studied without harming the physical artifacts. We have preserved the often very prominent surface noise and imperfections and included files generated by different sizes and shapes of stylus to facilitate different kinds of analysis.

  18. 6 days ago

  19. 5 days ago

    ^ Love the the Unsolved Mysteries style sepia flashbacks

  20. 2 days ago

    this type of music is really funny! i kinda like it though

  21. zom

    2 days ago Doors Fans

    Wat is that a metal?


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