Trash Catties EP release with Catbath, The Ultrasounds, Subtle Beast 8/19/17 at the Triple Rock

  1. 2 weeks ago

    Manny and I started a band called Trash Catties and we recorded an EP that we will be releasing on 8/19 at the Triple Rock with our friends Catbath, The Ultrasounds, and Subtle Beast. It will be a heckuva party. The EP will be available on CD with limited edition hand-screenprinted cover art, or by digital download code. The show poster is also a four-color screenprint and will be sold at a sliding scale price with 100% of the proceeds going to Feline Rescue.


  2. Here's a preview of our music:

  3. Oh man...that's D&D night. I'll be there late.

  4. last week

    Here's Catbath:

    The Ultrasounds:

    Subtle Beast:

    and Trash Catties:

  5. Because one flyer isn't enough for this show, I made a second one:

  6. 3 days ago

    The poster for sale to benefit Feline Rescue is this one, printed in four colors with a finished size of 8x10". Sliding scale suggested donation, $5-$50+ with 100% of the proceeds going to Feline Rescue.


  7. yesterday
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    This is tonight!

    You can listen to the ep here

    We will be playing at Dead Media with Chalk and OAKS from 5-8pm and have tape versions, then at the Triple Rock at 9 we will be selling CDs with hand-screenprinted (by me!) album art inserts.


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