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    Detroit was relentless, claustrophobic, horrifying, enraging. . .all the things reviewers are saying. Also with a number of flaws that are hard to overlook. I don't blame Kathryn Bigelow for trying; it just seems like a difficult story to tell, a) without spending more time on the events that lead up (she tries, but only can devote so much time), and b) reconstructing what happened out of so many conflicting accounts, as well has having to compact the timeline so much. Very good ensemble cast, very well shot (to my untrained eyes anyway), and lots of attention to detail. Worth seeing, at least as a gateway to learning about the larger history of the 1967 Detroit riots.

  2. I'll probably see that at some point.

    Son of Dracula - Cheney is a terrible Dracula/Alucard, just wretched. There's some cool shots and transformations that make it worth seeing, but its kind of a snooze.

    House of Dracula - Cheney is back but as the Wolfman, the Dracula is better but not great, and the only good parts are when Frankenstein's monster is on screen, and that's pretty much only the last seven minutes. Pretty lame.

    The Snowtown Murders - I started to get really into this one, loved how opaquely edited it is, leaving the viewer to fill in a lot of the blanks (especially as a yankee who doesn't know anything about the real Aussie killer(s) this is based on). Thought it started to drag towards the last third, but overall rather good.

    When A Stranger Calls - I put off watching this until just the other day, fuuuuuuuck. Amazing. Wicked score. The first half hour has lots of little tactile details which all help to build the suspense. Might have to buy this one.

  3. I anticipate having Bowie's "Panic In Detroit" in my head for awhile when I see that, since it's about Iggy telling him about being around for that time period there.

    Been watching that new Grateful Dead doc on Amazon. Really well done. Font game on point at the start and end of the episodes. I guess I knew this but never put two and two together, but the Dead and The Velvet Underground were both called The Warlocks at the same time.

  4. Snowtown Murders stayed with me a long time. Those voice mail messages! jesus.

  5. pitpat, Toby Ronnie

    Aug 8 Administrator

    i've heard that's pretty grisly...been putting off watching it for that reason

  6. Shin Godzilla, or should I call it Shinseiki Evagojira, because that's totally what it was. The second time I watched a trailer for it, a few months ago, I thought, "wow, this looks really Neon Genesis Evangelion-y, so when I found out it was in fact a Hideaki Anno movie, I was double-in.

    I loved it, pretty unreservedly, occasionally-crappy CGI and weird accents for the brief English scenes with US officials notwithstanding. Some things in it were purely Anno - seas of red liquid, a titanic form immobilized (crucified, if not literally in this case) as a reminder to gaze upon, Godzilla destroying NERV/SEELEAmerican munitions with its AT fieldspinal rays, and the big setpiece fight between Godzilla and the Japan Self-Defense Forces was clearly modeled on Asuka's big showdown in The End of Evangelion.

    But, I now see, the original Godzilla movies had a lot of what NGE tick - a divine or semi-divine apocalyptic visitation by a monstrous form with a cryptic message Japan and the world may not want to hear, bureaucratic and political infighting and factionalism, marginally effective military responses, and a general sense of futility and being overwhelmed.

    So, good match of director and material, highly recommended if you're into either.

  7. Speaking of which RIP Haruo Nakajima the original Man In The Suit

  8. Glad you liked it, I'm a big g-fan and I've been waiting on Netflix to send the disc for a couple weeks, I don't think they order as many discs as they used to for new releases. I kinda loved the American one a couple years ago, I just wish I could see the new one in a fancy theater so the roar rattles my skeleton.

  9. @jonbehm Snowtown Murders stayed with me a long time. Those voice mail messages! jesus.

    @pitpat, Toby Ronnie i've heard that's pretty grisly...been putting off watching it for that reason

    It's some real dark shit.

  10. Is the new streaming yet? I also kinda loved the more recent American one as well, tbf I'm a soft touch for monster movies

  11. last week

    I just heard Michael Rapaport bring up a good point, The Get Down is the Eddie and the Cruisers of hip hop.

  12. It absolutely is. Still, I did like the first season. The second I have been sort of ambivalent to.

  13. It's hard to defend a show that has Nas rapping out the various plot points at the beginning of every episode

  14. pitpat, Toby Ronnie

    Aug 10 Administrator

    that format worked just fine for Barney Miller

  15. How Luhrmann-y is it, on a scale from Australia to Moulin Rouge?

  16. It's the first Luhrmann jawn I have ever seen

  17. @Finn McCool How Luhrmann-y is it, on a scale from Australia to Moulin Rouge?


  18. pitpat, Toby Ronnie

    Aug 10 Administrator

    i really, REALLY, don't care for that guy's work.

  19. really i always pegged you as a Luhrmaniac

  20. pitpat, Toby Ronnie

    Aug 10 Administrator

    my ROMEO + JULIET backpiece is IRONIC, bro

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