August 2017 Watchening

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    pitpat, Toby Ronnie

    Aug 10 Administrator

    that format worked just fine for Barney Miller

  3. How Luhrmann-y is it, on a scale from Australia to Moulin Rouge?

  4. It's the first Luhrmann jawn I have ever seen

  5. @Finn McCool How Luhrmann-y is it, on a scale from Australia to Moulin Rouge?


  6. pitpat, Toby Ronnie

    Aug 10 Administrator

    i really, REALLY, don't care for that guy's work.

  7. really i always pegged you as a Luhrmaniac

  8. pitpat, Toby Ronnie

    Aug 10 Administrator

    my ROMEO + JULIET backpiece is IRONIC, bro

  9. Total luhrmann semi apologist here

  10. Edited last week by warsawpactarmor


    "How best to convey the unbearable pathos of Tsurumaru blindly searching for the lost image of the Amida Buddha? I'd better pour myself a stiff Suntory Reserve and think about it."

  11. 7 days ago

    haha, I've never seen that before.

    The Clonus Horror - This has an undeservedly low rating on IMDb, I thought this was pretty cool low budget 1979 scifi movie with Roddenberry and Cronenberg tones to it, Maybe this gets written off due to Peter Graves and Dick Sargent? Not sure, but I liked it.

    Shin Godzilla - Did not disappoint! I haven't seen any of the Evangelion stuff, but maybe I'll check it out now on the strength of this. Loved all the fan service stuff, loved the monster, forgave some CGI that was cheesy in spots, but that's to be expected. I guess the actor who played the American liaison or whatever learned English just for this movie. Also loved all of the musical cues brought back from all eras of Godzilla, I was all smiles. Made a great double feature with...

    Kong: Skull Island - Was expecting the worst, but ended up liking this one, Kong ended up winning me over. Neat monster on monster action and John C. Reilly kind of saves it. Note: there are giant logical holes to be found on a frequent basis, just turn off the brain for this one. Excited for what may come with a possible Legendary Pictures shared monster universe.

  12. Triangle - Excellent Aussie horror movie on a creepy abandoned cruise ship. Would highly recommend to those who liked Timecrimes or Primer.

    Set It Off - Great soundtrack, totally forgot John C. McGinley's in this one.

  13. @Bicorn Halfelven Excited for what may come with a possible Legendary Pictures shared monster universe.

    The next film to be released will be Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019), followed by Godzilla vs. Kong (2020)

  14. 6 days ago

    Killing Ground - thoroughly disturbing Australian horror/thriller. Difficult to watch at times but solidly done. Not graphic violence as much as disturbing situations - particularly if you are a parent of a small child. Pretty sure that the driving philosophy behind this film was more or less "men are terrible." By the end I wanted to the protagonist's boyfriend dead as much as the antagonists.

    Guardians 2 - Nothing new to add to the discussion of this one other than the general consensus that it was well done but not as good as the first one.

  15. 3 days ago

    watched Colossal last night and I think it's best movie of the past year. Totally originally concept, brilliantly executed, and doesn't go off the rails in the final act : that's rare. Plus, I always like Anne Hathaway when she's playing a fuckup.

  16. I always like Anne Hathaway - totally schwing-worthy.
    Schwing schwing.

  17. She's definitely one of those people with whom I have a difficult time separating her performance from her public persona.

    She seems a very specific type of insufferable in interviews. Like, you would dislike her, but feel bad about it, because the only actual problem with her is that she had very supportive parents and went to a Montessori school?

  18. Whew, well I'm glad I don't really know who that person is then.

  19. Yeah, she doesn't really seem that cool, but her attractiveness outweighs that in my mind.
    Enter - gender roles, etc.
    But genuinely liked her in: Brokeback Mountain, Rachel Getting Married, Song One

  20. 2 days ago

    Free Fire - had some stuff in it that worked but overall was kind of a disappointment. It feels like Wheatley was going for a kind of Tarantino thing but just doesn't stick the landing. It tries to combine the gritty realism of what a drawn out gun fight would likely be like (lot's of scuttling around in the dirt and broken glass, a lot of missed shots) with a kind of "cool" stylistic affect and the two sides seem at odds with each other.

  21. 2 hours ago

    Did they try having the characters say The N-Word a lot? That seems to be QT's secret sauce.


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