Keeping Warm in the Nuclear Winter: 2017 Singles Thread

  1. last week

    I don't know, the timing just seems right.


    Share strategies for the post-Trump era. How are you bringing the sexy back while white boys march on Virginia and we watch it all burn?

  2. I don't expect this thread to get much traction, I think everyone's too depressed to fuck.


  3. Sometimes I sort of miss being single, for literally no other reason than that it gave me another couple of additional websites to look at before I had to give up and find something constructive to do.

  4. I missed out on tindr. I think it would've been kinda interesting. In my day we just had okcupid and look I got married from it! Now we got a house, child and a Roth IRA. Like holy buckets!

  5. man i am in a bind. my friend's ex-wife has been messaging me....

  6. 6 days ago

    I've never done a dating site or a dating app but I watched the Netflix sex documentary series dealing with Tinder dating last night - featuring a former star of Big Brother - and this part made me lollllllllll:

    Rhine told BuzzFeed News the unsettling epiphany stuck. “Sitting there watching her cry and break down like that over something that I personally didn't think was that significant was a good reminder as to the fact that you sit back, get off your phone, and pay attention to how these other people are feeling. You're affecting other people, and you're not doing it in a good way,” he said...

    After that on-camera confrontation, he soon changed the age range preferences on his dating apps: Viewers learn that on Bumble his preference was previously set to 20 to 35, but he changed it to 25 to 40.

    Recalling that shift, Rhine told BuzzFeed News, “Just because you can do something doesn't mean it's right.” ... “The reason I'm not finding people to be with long-term is because I'm not dating people that are in that mindset. They aren't even themselves yet.” Now the low end of his age preferences has inched up to 28.


  7. Also, I had never heard of Bumble.

  8. And it's worth mentioning he's 40.


  9. Also worth mentioning his closet contained the most impressive collection of freshly ironed button down biz cazsh shirts and black baseball caps that I've ever seen.

  10. lol I mean, other than cycling kits and athletic wear, I have like four clothes, but at least they're different clothes.

  11. At one point he was ironing a shirt before going out and it like panned over to his unmade bed - I mean truly unmade, just the mattress - and I was like BITCH YOU BETTER PUT SOME SHEETS ON THAT THING.

  12. Irons shirts but doesn't make the bed? Lol what a psycho.

  13. Earlier he explained his plan for how to avoid disturbing his roommates (b/c yes he has them, they are female, and much younger than he) by carefully placing a shirt or another article of clothing that comes off during sex over the back of his headboard, to act as a buffer from it banging against the wall.

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    Super dreamy.

  14. This singles thread is full of marrieds again

  15. ^^^ sign o the end times

  16. @brilly This singles thread is full of marrieds again

    Fiscal year '18: I'm sending my husband off on his first date with some dudes this weekend and I'M SO NERVOUS.

  17. What I mean to say is I still don't understand Game of Thrones.

  18. 5 days ago

    Ugh Game of Thrones. That's married people stuff

  19. zom

    Aug 15 Doors Fans

    Speaking of marrieds, did you guys know we got married May 1?
    We had our first date in 1979 and have been together since then.
    Don't rush into this stuff.

  20. Congratulations!

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