are you a fan of Bedhead/The New Year/Kadane brothers?

  1. 8 years ago

    If so, and you are a musician, we are looking for you. Currently we are just two guitarists and a drummer writing simple tunes with pretty heavy influence from Bedhead. Simple guitar riffs matched with melodic picking melodies, often described as "slow-core." I don't think we are as down tempo as Bedhead though, and we are also pretty influenced by folk music. Guitar tone is the biggest thing for us, and we've found that a clear fender guitar through a fender amp sounds the best, but we aren't opposed to distortion if it sounds natural - we're looking for something pretty similar to that. I definitely wouldn't say we are a knock-off or anything but I think putting the name Bedhead out there will find us what we're looking for, considering their obscurity.

    Feel free to e-mail:

  2. this thread title is misleading.

  3. i know, i was thinking there was a new record i needed to look out for.

  4. I guess they are looking for The Classical, as he meets both their requirements.

    Pillspecters: YOU WANT "The Classical" FROM THIS BOARD.

  5. I can't sing or play guitar or bass plus I don't know if I have the temperment for "slo-core".

    The Kadanes are great though

  6. Nonsense. You would "take this places."

  7. Sorry about the title, although, I think it's necessary for draw - even if you don't play you still might know someone! Also, more people should know about Bedhead and the Kadane bros IMO.

  8. So then are you looking for more guitars, or other stuff - bass, drums... ?

    Them boys maded some of my favorite music from the 90's/00's.... errr 90s/00s.... uhh '90s/'00s.... blaaargh.

  9. [deleted]

    2 Mar 2009

    This sounds like it'll be good stuff. Good luck can't wait to hear it!

  10. i like the kadanes

  11. A third guitarist would be great, but we need bass and drums too. We're only two people at the moment but I do both drums and guitar, we'd like to change that and find a reliable drummer.

  12. I love these musicians.

  13. Things that go "bump" in the night.

  14. 6 years ago


    8 Dec 2011

    They sure are!

  15. [deleted]

    8 Dec 2011

    so much of that Trance Syndicate stuff holds up these days..
    those were the days, man. Cherubs, Ed Hall....they broke that shit wide open.

  16. [deleted]

    8 Dec 2011

    I should revisit Bedhead. A set they did in the Entry years ago was outstanding.
    I dug them a lot back in the '90s.

  17. [deleted]

    8 Dec 2011

    Start with <i>Transaction de Novo</i>.

    Personally, I also really enjoy their collaboration with Macha. That&#039;s a beautiful little EP.

  18. bedhead rules.

    cherubs&#039; &#039;heroin man&#039; rules, too.

  19. my fave band from the 90&#039;s

  20. Yes, this band is excellent. The Macha/Bedhead thing was a tapes-in-the-mail project that is incredible.

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