1. 9 years ago

    Dudes. I am getting to be very very broke.
    Temp agency not finding things for me to do.
    Craigs' list vastly unappealing.
    Any leads?

  2. JOiNt posted this on Feb 05th, 2007 at 04:49:01 pm

    1. hand jobs
    2. blow jobs
    3. rim jobs
    4. foot jobs
    5. vagina jobs
  3. which agency?

    sign up with another one, but ask them right up
    front what they might have available before
    shlepping through the whole testing process.

  4. <i>sign up with another one, but ask them right up
    front what they might have available before
    shlepping through the whole testing process.</i>

    My experience with agencies was that they were universally disingenuous about what they did or did not have on deck.

  5. [deleted]

    2 Jan 2008

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  7. susan - was that a maria bamford show reference?

  8. [deleted]

    2 Jan 2008

    I love Maria Bamford.

    And gertrude! - what cop said. Also, it's not a job per se, but I am looking for a reliable/responsible babysitter. But the board might not be the best place for me to find one, because most folks here will want to go to the same shows I want to go to.

  9. cop - this is what i was just contemplating, especially since I'm planning to go to grad school and be a teacher!
    i shall check the minneapolis public schools website STAT.

  10. sharyn - check ur pms!

  11. yes it was!

    that impression kills me every time.

  12. craigslist has been very disappointing for me, too.
    although, i do have an interview with someone from a craigslist post this afternoon...
    ill let you know how it goes

  13. cop - i am rather anit-commute, but at this point i can't really be too choosy. thank you so much for your advice! i'm checking out the websites as we speak.

  14. and oh hay - did you have previous school experience when you got hired? i have a bachelor's degree, but no experience with schools.

  15. the hennepin co library website has some job listings
    the non profit one is good

  16. you have a bachelors degree in what from where?

  17. In Latin for the U of M and Oxford.

  18. *from*

  19. hahahahahhahaha

  20. go to hollywood and proofread all the scripts set in ancient rome.

    do your own translation of the bible.

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