Sweep the leg johnny NOV 10 @ the metro, chicago

  1. 11 years ago

    oh fuck yeah.

  2. honestly? I'll go!

  3. for reals http://flower15.com

  4. [deleted]

    4 Oct 2005

    They played a show at the Foxfire that's definatly in my top five.

  5. I paid to see them twice at the Entry.

  6. twice in the same day.

  7. I was actually considering going to this until I went and looked at the line-up. Yikes.....what happened ? Thats not even in the same ballpark as Flower 10. Atleast 5 years ago they had the likes of Tortoise, Black Heart Procession, Trans Am, Don Cab, Fucking Champs, Califone, Turing Machine, Burning Airlines, Lonesome Organist, Brokeback, Macha, Isotope 217, Chicago Underground Duo, The Blacks, and a bunch of other bands I dont remember. Most importantly...they had a reunited Grifters. Outside of Sweep the Leg there isnt much I would really travel for on the entire line-up. I wouldnt mind seeing Ted Leo and These Arms Are Snakes.......but the other nights are complete shit (with the exception of Pelican and Big Business).

  8. I saw these guys, monorchid and arcwelder at the lounge ax once. great show.

  9. I like the Grifters!

  10. this looks boring!

  11. Jimmy Eat World, Local H, The Smoking Popes...

    yuck, yuck, yuck.

  12. [deleted]

    5 Oct 2005

    John Cale is playing in Chicago that night. If he doesn't come here, I may road trip.

  13. That day looks pretty cool

    Ted Leo + The Pharmacists
    SWEEP the Leg Johnny
    These Arms Are Snakes

  14. Keep in mind Metro sucks as a venue.

  15. Ok, fine. Nuts to Chicago from some of you but.... Who wants to go up to Superior next Tuesday with Bongwife and I to see Asschapel?

  16. ooooh!
    chance, i might be down.

  17. sweep should be under the 'bands you wanted to see and then did and were really fucking glad you did' thread, if it exists.

  18. 4 weeks ago

    This show was p good.

  19. 3 weeks ago

    I got excited for a second.

  20. opened for them a couple times (?) i think. Amazing live band.

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