10th annual Square Lake Festival Aug. 11th

  1. 5 years ago

    Saturday August 11th, 2012!

    This year marks the 10th Anniversary for the <a href="http://squarelakefestival.org/" TARGET="_blank" class="tr1link">Square Lake Film and Music Festival</a>.

    Retribution Gospel Choir
    International Novelty Gamelan (performing music to a film)
    Food Pyramid
    Father You See Queen
    + more TBA

    Right now the festival is accepting submissions for films.
    Early bird submission deadline : June 4th
    Regular deadline : June 18th
    more info <a href="http://squarelakefestival.com/film.htm" TARGET="_blank" class="tr1link">here</a>.

    As usual, attendees who bike to the festival receive a biker&#039;s discount with their advance ticket purchase. More info about ticket purchasing will be on the website soon.

    Free camping! Awesome food (catered by various vendors)! Beautiful location!

  2. Bump for the film submission deadline and for those of you who like to plan their weekend months in advance.

  3. I have been looking for an excuse to do a long ride to Stillwater and this looks great! Am I wrong in thinking that discounted biker tickets are no longer available?

  4. shit, nevermind, I am out of town for a wedding that weekend

  5. [deleted]

    10 May 2012
  6. There will be discounted tickets available on the website to those who choose to bike.
    Ticket purchasing info isn&#039;t available yet but I will post in the thread as soon as I know when it is available.

  7. <a href="http://internationalnoveltygamelan.bandcamp.com/album/achmed" TARGET="_blank" class="tr1link">here is a preview of the songs that we will be playing for the soundtrack</a>

  8. shit I wanted to finally go this year but it&#039;s the same day as beethcake&#039;s birthday art opening

  9. any idear when tickets go on sale for this? i know it can sell out quickly.

  10. not sure about when the tickets will be on sale but I will post about it as soon as I know.
    I am guessing soonish since the website has been updated recently.

  11. Tickets are now on sale!

  12. Here&#039;s the schedule for the festival this year

    2:15 PM Festival gate opens

    2:30-3:15 Father You See Queen

    3:30-4:15 KBDS

    4:30-5:15 &quot;Spider&quot; John Koerner

    5:15-5:45 Films

    5:45-6:30 Retribution Gospel Choir

    6:30-7:00 Films

    7:00-7:45 Night Moves

    7:45-8:15 Films

    8:15-9:45 International Novelty Gameplan film score

    9:45-10:15 Local Film Showcase

    10:15-11 The Pines

    11-12 Food Pyramid (dance party in the barn!)

    <a href="http://blogs.citypages.com/gimmenoise/2012/07/square_lake_film_and_music_festival_announces_music_lineup.php" TARGET="_blank" class="tr1link">City Pages blurb</a>

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    13 Jul 2012
  14. International Novelty Gameplan
    love the new name

  15. Damn you spell check

  16. Oops. I sent an email about the misspelling.
    It could give ING a whole new identity, though. You might want to TAI.

    I have to say that the food that is being catered this year is going to be amazing!
    ICEHOUSE will be the food vendor at the festival. yum!

  17. <i>kevlar
    7/16/12 6:08 AM
    International Novelty Gameplan</i>

    i like this name a lot actually

  18. who is playing as knowledge based design system?

  19. <a href="http://kbds.bandcamp.com/track/live-from-patricks-cabaret" TARGET="_blank" class="tr1link">KBDS</a>

    There were some issues with the Sq Lake website but those should be fixed.
    Tickets can be purchased <a href="http://squarelakefestival.com/tickets" TARGET="_blank" class="tr1link">here</a>.

    If you are planning on going, bring your id. We card at the gate even though this is an all ages event.
    There is free camping! Icehouse will be selling their delicious grub. Bring your own snacks and beverages if you wish.

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    26 Jul 2012
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