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  1. 4 days ago
    Sun 13 Aug 2017 11:22:04 PM GMT

    @dan_johnson I mean, ballistas are historically real weapons (I dunno about that kind of manipulation tho, I believe they would have been fixed, and obvs not intended for anti-aircraftdragon). But yeah, some excuses and leaps could be made, but it added up to a lot of suspension of disbelief in that battle and I was just having none of it.

    RE: Jaime - There is seemingly some foreshadowing about Jaime turning on Cersei (I'd find it fitting), but, since they didn't make the second part of that prophecy canon in the show, it's probs just as likely that they throw that out the window too.


  2. last week
    Mon 07 Aug 2017 06:15:26 PM GMT

    Yeah, all around silliness.

  3. Mon 07 Aug 2017 06:10:20 PM GMT

    I also think that mobile ballista is stupid and Bronn alone wouldn't be able to aim it at a flying dragon for shit (with seemingly little or no training). The only thing that device serves is the plot.

  4. Mon 07 Aug 2017 05:55:43 PM GMT

    Yeah I think they're just going to fish Jaime out right away. Otherwise the writers would've let him go up in flames. Then he'll renew his bro love for Tyrion and be all CONFLICTED.

  5. Mon 07 Aug 2017 06:46:25 AM GMT

    That body of water Jaime was charging along the shore of sure had a steep drop off...

    And he was saved, with cliched perfect timing, not once but TWICE. A bit too much suspension of disbelief in that battle for me to keep up with. And I'm not even talking about the magical, fire-breathing creature.

  6. 2 months ago
    Thu 08 Jun 2017 09:04:24 PM GMT
    cojak posted in June Watchening 2017.

    What did he keep calling the film crew? Filthy liberals? That was kinda hilarious, with touches of Man Bites Dog.

  7. Thu 08 Jun 2017 09:01:33 PM GMT
    cojak posted in June Watchening 2017.

    Yep, I had about the same sentiments on Roger Stone doc. And I had no clue who he was beforehand. I think he is, unfortunately, at least somewhat powerful.

  8. Thu 08 Jun 2017 08:52:12 PM GMT

    Ha, fitting

  9. Thu 08 Jun 2017 08:26:17 PM GMT

    Is this thread broken now too?

  10. Thu 08 Jun 2017 08:25:17 PM GMT

    Trump team spin is strong with this one though, I hope GOP doesn't follow suit. As I saw others point out, by Comey stating his memos were handed over to Mueller shows that the Donald is basically under investigation now. And besides McCain's ramblings I feel like no Republican in the hearing attempted to out and out discredit Comey, which makes me feel slightly better because I didn't have high hopes for that hearing. I mean, there were signs of spin like focusing on "hope" and such, which irregardless is still an attempt to persuade and that falls under obstruction.

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