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    Thu 27 Jul 2017 05:44:16 PM GMT

    this is going to be a great show!!

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    Thu 06 Jul 2017 06:15:50 PM GMT
    kevlar started the conversation Show Calendar !!!.

    Hey I am doing a show calendar news letter type thing
    catering to people who have my taste in music
    (noise experimental free jazz good punk psyk prog metal)
    here is this months one
    if you want to get it in every month in your email shoot a message to

    some good news this month ~ Weakwick is in town also Jon Neilson of Knife World fame ~ and Tourniquet Birthday show !! bad news this is the last month to see shows at the Reverie

    this is What is good !!!
    (trust me)

    July 6 reverie ~ 4 a good time
    Superthief/Ex Nuns/Buildings/New Primals/Tongue Party

    July 8th First Ave
    for OG goths only
    Pop Tone (with members of Bauhaus & Tones on Tail)

    July 9 Studio Toile d’Angles
    Teenage Boatpeople —
    Jeff Johnson: guitar, bass, vocal; Milo Fine: drum set (percussion), piano, b flat & alto clarinets

    July 13 Khyber Pass
    Milo Fine - Benjamin Mansavage Klein - Davu Seru
    Davu Seru on percussion, Milo Fine on clarinets and Benjamin Mansavage Klein on tuba.

    July 13 Eagles club
    Aeresol Pike 9:15 Rob Stealcheat 10:00 Kasparov Trio 10:45 China City 11:30

    July 17 Tourniquet Turns Three ~ kitty Kat Club
    The celebration of Harsh Noise, Death Experimental and Dark Ambient
    Kjostad, The Beheadresses, Vortax, baby, Blood Pressure, Lisa Macgrarh

    July 20 Khyber
    Pangolin BED DEATH live at the Khyber
    Adam June ~ Charles Gillett ~ Nick Zielinski

    July 22 Grumpies Bash 17
    this is during the day outside summer thing

    July 22 The Hook and Ladder Theater
    great to see a new venue for shows !!!
    Zebulon Pike, Total Fucking Blood, Skin of Earth at The Hook

    July 24th at eagles
    Harsh Noise!!!

    July 26th KittyKat
    General Baby (guitar shaman Jon Neilson is back in town for one second)
    Emergency Music (with members of Skoal Kodiak and Noise Quean Ant)
    Bug Fix
    Psychomantic the Ritual Death Cult

    July 29th Icehouse !
    The Blight (Meditations On Insignificance) Release Show
    w/ fanny hill, and rra

    July 29 Seward-
    Dog(NY), SSS(OH), Motörrad Reisen, Intercourse, Velvet Curtain
    (i want to see Intercourse is about with members of permanent waves and Cokskar)

    July 31st Palmers Early show ~ 7 to 10 pm
    noise !!
    Street Rat, Taphophile, Virgin Flower, Transitional Species

    August 3 Pinwheel Arts 7pm to 10pm
    the continuing series ‘sound and vision’ presents
    Paul Metzger ~ Venereal Crush ~ Transitional Species
    Visual Artists TBA

    August 5 Hexagon ~ no wave !!
    FLesh Narc~ Thin Skin~ Itch Princess~ Nice Boys~ quiet lies

    and yep there are lots of good shows i am leaving out
    coming up in about 7.5 billion years the sun will expand and engulf the earth

  3. Thu 06 Jul 2017 04:08:02 PM GMT

    weird perfect storm of awesome music coming together !!!

    (with members of Sara Johnson and Motörrad Reisen)
    is back for one second maybe they will play another show sometime before 2020

    ->General Baby
    (with members of Knife World and Poop Smear Mirror)
    guitar shaman Jon Neilson is back in town for one second and is going to lay it down with his current project
    where he skyps in his band mate

    ->Emergency Music
    (with members of Skoal Kodiak and Noise Quean Ant)
    Brady's new project ~ two piece art rock !!!

    ->Bug Fix
    (with members of Birthday Suits, Red Pens, and Selby Tigers)
    high energy punk

    (with members of Mute Era and Sweet Jap)
    Dance Noise Dystopian Love Songs

    ->Psychomantic the Ritual Death Cult
    (with members of Transitional Species and ING)
    consciousness is an illusion

    Kitty Kat Club
    July 26th
    Music starts at 930 !!

  4. Thu 06 Jul 2017 03:12:08 PM GMT
    kevlar posted in More Shows.

    hey look the image hosting site i use suddenly wants money from me

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    Wed 07 Jun 2017 02:58:56 AM GMT
    kevlar posted in More Shows.

    i did another shows alert email

    hello true believers
    Here is a special announcement:
    this week June 9th Transitional Species is coming out with a long anticipated album

    June 9th eagles club
    transitional species CD release show !!!
    with special guests Paul Metzger and the Droner ‘onewayness’ from Pennsylvania
    album review

    June 12th Kitty Kat Club
    Sound Bath an Evening of Ambient Space Music
    curated by Dave Onnen of the Space Rock Band Thunderbolt Pagoda
    Comets ov Cupid (solo)
    Michael Betz
    Adam Bielh
    w/ DJ Mutant

    June 15th is the start of new experimental music series
    “Sound and Vision” early 7pm to 10pm
    at “Pinwheel Arts and Movement Studio” E 25th St and 28th Ave S
    which teams up sound artists with with visual artists
    and we have projections and sound together
    for this first one we have for the sound:
    AVIARY an electronic experimental improv group
    FIRENHOUSE with members from Dahalheimer
    BOS/CASTAGNA dark drones
    and for the Vision we have:
    Tony Biele doing video, Trevor Adams film,
    and Kristina Mario Ternes overhead projector

    Tourniquet Noise Series June 19th !!
    Tourniquet the monthly series that presents the best of the
    Noise, Experimental, Dark Ambient, and Death Industral
    in the world. This month we are proud to host
    Velvet Curtain
    Hanging Lichen
    Water Shed Group
    Dead Actress
    w/ DJ Dolores Dewberry

    June 22 at the Reverie
    an amazing line up that speaks for itself !!!
    Thunderbolt Pagoda ~
    Noise Quean Ant ~
    Paul Metzger~

    The Last Wednesday at the Kitty Kat Club June 28th
    Celia and Psychomantic the Ritual Death Cult are joined by
    the nowave Jazz of Sexual Jeremy from Texas
    and the awesome locals
    New Primals & Sir Isaf Gul

    June 30th
    the sweet and sour EMS (eat my shit) from portland will be in town
    playing at the Reverie !!!
    going to be such a good night !!

    we are lucky to live in a city with so much diverse music
    I am leaving out a lot of great music that you can search out for yourself

    drop a line to
    signs.of.the.apocalypse666 at gmail
    if you want to get something like this about once a month

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    Wed 17 May 2017 04:10:41 PM GMT
    kevlar posted in More Shows.

    here is a great list of Heavy bands that are currently playing
    if someone wants to know what bands are good to go see

    24 Bands You Need to Hear from Minneapolis

  7. Wed 17 May 2017 12:37:57 AM GMT
    kevlar posted in More Shows.

    a preview of the show on friday !!!

  8. Tue 16 May 2017 08:59:26 PM GMT
    kevlar posted in More Shows.


  9. Sat 13 May 2017 11:29:35 PM GMT
    kevlar posted in More Shows.

    next week there are three very good shows coming up

    First on Monday the 15th TOURNIQUET Dark Rituals at the Kitty Kat with such a really great line up
    Psychomantic the ritual death cult with members form Dolores Dewberry
    a new project From CGW and Sophi and Katie from Dalheimer
    also ABNA (which might just be AB)
    and another new project with a member from octopede

    Second MICHAEL LEWIS playing at the Khyber Pass Thursday 18th (Details have not been released of who he is playing with) if you have not seen Lewis play it is something you must do.

    Thirdly PYRRHA with Jackie from Brute Heart and Myrrh is doing a live soundtrack to the original 1929 version of 'Fall of the House of Usher' with my gamelan band INTERNATIONAL NOVELTY GAMELAN opening at the cedar. on Friday the 19th.

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    Mon 01 May 2017 09:35:32 PM GMT
    kevlar posted in More Shows.

    I am starting an email list for show alerts
    if you want to be included just drop a line to signs.of.the.apocalypse666 at gmail dot com
    and say 'add me'

    i sent out my first one today

    here it is

    Hey Peoples lots of shows coming up this week and into the future
    Tonight May 1

    Trio of Trumpet Trios at the Ice House
    the ice house has Jazz every Monday and it probably is always good, but if your tastes go tend towards the more 'out there' type of jazz you got to check and see who is playing cuz sometimes these monday nights can sometimes be a little pedestrian.
    however tonight I look over the names of who is playing and i see names from the 'Six Families' music collective which is a young group of avant Jazzonauts, and i see other names that indicate that the show tonight will be the 'out' 'improv' 'experimental' style of Jazz that I like.

    May 2 Tuesday
    Gnawed and Grin European Tour Kick Off at the Kitty Kat
    with Ligature Impression and The Blight
    really the best of the Minneapolis Harsh noise will be represented at this show

    May 3 Wednesday
    Paul Metzger / MAKR / Fanny Hill at the Reverie
    it is amazing we have a chance to see such an awesome musician as Metzger kick it out so often living in this city
    we really don't know how great we have it here. MAKR experimental noise cat and Fanny Hill the good kind of Jazz

    May 4 Thursday
    Matt Rahaim, Issam Rafea, Jon Lion at the Khyber pass
    this event is going to be pretty awesome Matt Rahaim awesome Hindustani singer, Issam Rafea great Oud player and John Zuma St Pelvyn sweet experimental guitar player getting together and doing structured improvisations. Going to be like nothing I have ever heard before.

    May 5th (going to try to hit two shows)
    Tintinabulation Gestures in (((SSoundSoundd))) at the MirrorLab (34th and Cedar)
    with 555 which is a solo project of the brain behind the cosmic rhythms of food pyramid, and PAVEMENT ANT six families peoples, and Itch Princess. this show is 7 to 10 so then we can go to see
    China City at the Driftwood Char Bar
    china city is a new band with the two Pauls from Hammer head. there are two other bands on the bill that i assume are terrible because i have never heard of them and most bands are terrible but really who knows, they might be great

    May 6th Saturday
    Murf, Vampyre, Oozer, Tongue Party at the Reverie
    if you haven't seen Murf yet know this, in the future people are going to say things like 'back in the day when things were cool and before punk died there was a band named Murf that rocked like no one else and got the kids all excited' The good old days are right now and Murf is playing shows and the Reverie is having shows! catch it before it comes to an end!
    Tongue Party serious punks that will make you feel love again. i don't know the other two bands but i assume the are pretty hot to be on this bill.

    May 7 Sunday May Day
    i encourage people to get out of the house and check out the parade and big party in the park and surrounding areas.
    Lots of different kinds of music all day at the various stages in the park
    However the only band that i would strongly recommend in the park is Savage Aural Hotbed 4pm Band Stage
    there are three good shows i know of in the evening of May Day
    Omega Defender ~ Shovels~ Burn Fetish ~ New Primals - Hexagon
    OD back just for a short time catch these lovelies before they leave town again (if you can make this show they are also playing on the 5th at the Seward) also Shovels amrepy sounding band from Australia
    The Rope, Curse (Baltimore) & Burning at The Reverie
    this is for the goths
    awesome line up and Benefit for the Children of Syria and Unicef

    May 9th
    Pile & Gnarwhal w/ Double Grave at 7th St.
    love Gnarwhal the other bands are probably great also. This is one of those show that might get over looked.

    May 11
    another sweet Benefit Show this time for Survivor Resources

    May 13

    sad to see this. if you haven't seen Naive Sense yet this is your last chance. awesome high energy cathartic Punk that incorporates elements of noise.
    also Boy Dirt Car Live at Solid State
    these weird cats have been doing industrial music for 36 years

    May 15 Tourniquet Dark Rituals
    always the third monday of the month harsh noise, power electronics, industrial, dark ambient
    this month i am very happy to say it is Occult Ritual themed ~ it is going to be so great
    featuring the great
    Symptomless Coma
    Fuligin Lillies
    A Bitch Named Angel
    Psychomantic the Ritual Death Cult w/ Dolores Dewberry

    May 17
    In//via Dahlheimer Collin Gorman Weiland Fanny Hill Reverie
    Dahlheimer is my favorite new band

    May 18th
    Michael Lewis at the Khyber Pass
    my favorite sax player in town. this guy melts my soul. don't know what he is going to do play solo bring friends do his electronic ambient thing, but we gave him the whole night to do with what he wants.

    May 19th
    Pyrrha and International Novelty Gamelan Live at the Cedar
    International Novelty Gamelan doesn't play out very much. like two or three times a year, so catch them when you can
    they play original songs on Indonesian Gamelan instruments and Egyptian percussion. I hope people check these guys out
    also Pyrrha doing a live soundtrack to Jean Epstein's 1928 silent film The Fall of the House of Usher 7 to 10 pm

    May 22 Spires w Michael Zerang ~ Paul Metzger ~ Mar Habrine Kitty Kat
    Spires that in the Sunset Rise about ten years ago were my favorite band in the world and actually the reason i got involved in booking shows so i could get them to play here. they have remained musically adventurous and now sound totally different than they did back then. They are touring with the awesome percussionist Michael Zerang cuz their album is out.

    May 31st
    two great shows ~ it is kind of awesome we have problems like this

    MURF, TUNIC(CAN),Buildings, No Skin at the Reverie
    i think i have missed Tunic every time they come here, I know I would love to see them live. bummed i am going to miss them with this great line up at this great venue, cuz i am going to ...

    Novacron ~ Wild Wing ~ Celica ~ Psychomantic the Ritual Death Cult at the Kitty Kat
    the last Wednesday of every month is Celica and Psychomantic at the Kitty Kat
    this month Novacron with members from Seawhores Vaz Hammerhead and Gay Witch Abortion. and Wild Wing high energy Psyk Rock with members from Knife World, Birthday Suits and Wolf Lords

    what else we got?
    Burn Fetish every Saturday this month at grumpies
    Tender Meat back for a sec Tundra house on the 5th (think i am going to try for three shows that night)
    Every Thursday at the Khyber pass
    Milo Fine's shows for those who can handle the way out crazy Jazz
    check end times music or UnderCurrentMPLS to find more cool shows

    this is my first email show alert let me know what you think
    maybe later i will make a blog you can check
    you can find the Details to these shows using google or facebook

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