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    Mon Apr 17 10:29:25 2017
    kevlar posted in More Shows.


  2. Mon Apr 17 01:10:55 2017
    kevlar posted in More Shows.

    yeah that is going to be good
    I made a better flyer
    with better info

  3. Sat Apr 15 02:16:45 2017

    (or tonight if you are reading this tomorrow)

  4. 2 weeks ago
    Wed Apr 12 02:31:11 2017

    we have gathered the perfect group of acts to celebrate the April 15th 'Nuitratrimass' or the 'Celebration of The Sky Goddess'

    Celica means Sky Object in Latin (also is the name of Sho's sister)
    Comets ov Cupid are Space Rock
    Typewriter seriously is playing songs from Space Station H
    Psychomantic the Ritual Death Cult was chosen because the dead are delivered to and protected by the Sky
    and the meaning of Betz / Petersen can not be explained ~ must be experienced

  5. Sun Apr 9 22:26:52 2017

    this is less than one week away

  6. 3 weeks ago
    Wed Apr 5 15:12:53 2017
    kevlar posted in More Shows.


  7. Wed Apr 5 15:02:05 2017
    kevlar posted in More Shows.

    yep that is one of the reasons i am going to miss a night of Reich fest

  8. Wed Apr 5 02:08:12 2017
    kevlar posted in More Shows.

    people might be interested in this

    Mondays - April 3, 10, 17, 24 at 9:30PM
    Icehouse | 2528 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55404

    APRIL 3
    Clapping Music (1972)
    Pete Hennig
    Cody McKinney

    New York Counterpoint (1985)
    Pat O’Keefe

    APRIL 10
    2X5 (2008)
    Chris Cunningham
    Pete Hennig
    Cody McKinney
    Thomas Nordlund
    Chris Olson
    Greg Byers
    Javier Santiago
    Zach Schmidt
    Brian Ziemniak

    APRIL 17
    Music for Pieces of Wood (1973)
    JT Bates
    Martin Dosh
    Lars-Erik Larson
    Greg Schutte
    Joey Van Phillips

    Piano Phase (Electric Bass Phase) (1967)
    Chris Bates
    Cody McKinney

    APRIL 24
    Pendulum Music (1968)
    Mike Hodnick
    John Keston
    Cody McKinney
    Peter Sieve

    Four Organs (1970)
    DeVon Gray
    Ted Godbout
    John Keston
    Peter Sieve
    Joe Strachan

    It’s Gonna Rain (1965)
    Mike Hodnick

    * With additional performances by 6 Families, JT Bates, Mike Lewis, and Jeremy Ylvisaker.

    I went last night and heard the Clapping Music and New York Counterpoint
    and it was very well done by some very proficient musicians
    I hope to go to all of them (but i think i am going to miss one or two of them)

  9. Tue Apr 4 18:17:00 2017
    kevlar posted in More Shows.

    Hell yeah
    I have not heard them yet but I know they are going to be great

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