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    Mon May 22 19:05:49 2017

    we got showtime thrown in free with our cable for some undetermined amount of time earlier in the year, so yay for me.

    watching last night, had that feeling of getting confused and downright sleepy, and then suddenly snapped into being engrossed as lynch can sometimes do... def appreciate that it's not just a nostalgia piece and more of a culmination of what he's been up to in the intervening years, even if i don't necessarily always *enjoy* it.

    spoilers okay here?

    cuz a couple waiting for "something to happen" while staring at a black glass box getting their faces chewed off is not exactly subtle.

  2. last week
    Thu May 11 15:37:27 2017
    snip posted in Upcoming Shows for 2017.

    not a show per se but @orbit and i will be playing some of our records at the viking bar from 3-6 pm this saturday. stop in! bring a friend!

  3. 5 weeks ago
    Sat Apr 15 14:53:09 2017
    snip posted in April 2017 Listening.

    Dean Blunt - Black Metal - this guy is something else bro. I need to listen to everything he's done by himself and with Hype Williams. What I've heard doesn't sound like anyone aside from a song here, a song there. Very very unique albums.

    Mock Weed

    Prolific fella, new mini album thing

  4. 6 weeks ago
    Tue Apr 11 04:47:16 2017
    snip posted in Name your tribute bands..

    Kool & The Gang of Four

    kool & the gang of four non blonde redhead.

  5. Mon Apr 10 20:24:10 2017
    snip posted in Name your tribute bands..

    jon spencer blues magoo goo dolls

  6. Mon Apr 10 16:18:02 2017
    snip posted in Miscellaneous Thoughts.

    the first time i ever heard of tiger balm was in a cosmo sex advice column when i was a teenager. yes, they were recommending rubbing a bit on each others' junk before doing it. *shudders*

  7. Thu Apr 6 03:41:20 2017
    snip posted in April 2017 Movies.

    song to song - whoooo boy. a very latter day malick-y Terrance Malick movie. some pretty shots but way too much whispery voice over. not interesting love triangle (Rooney Mara/Ryan gosling/Michael fassbender) turns into a not interesting love septagon. all the music cameos (black lips, iggy, big freedia, patti smith) are I guess energetic/more authentic looking than staged fake movie concerts,but all kinda unnecessary.

  8. 7 weeks ago
    Tue Apr 4 17:15:34 2017

    our cat goes ridiculously bonkers whenever she sees another cat. we have two cats regularly showing up in our yard lately. one is in heat and humps the sidewalk. the other was peeping in our bedroom window last night, making our cat scream bloody murder and run room to room trying to fight/intimidate/scare off/whatever the other cat. fun?

  9. Mon Apr 3 20:12:47 2017
    snip posted in April 2017 Movies.

    Neon Demon-watched it yesterday, and a day later think I kind of loved it. glossy trash, evokes much better things (kubrick, cronenberg, lynch) while being pretty defiantly empty. silly ridiculous gore, good sound design and score. would totally understand if someone hates it tho.

  10. Mon Apr 3 04:46:41 2017
    snip posted in A Teevee Thread for 2017.

    listlessly watching 120 minutes on MTV classic. Just saw nick cave "mercy seat" and dinosaur jr "just like heaven" videos, but now it's front 242 and nitzer ebb time so maybe I really should go to bed.

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