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  1. last week
    Thu 20 Jul 2017 01:21:49 AM GMT
    snip posted in July Cool Guy Tune Time.

    royal trux-platinum tips + ice cream - it's pretty funny guys (if you're prone to being amused by them)
    yaz-upstairs at eric's - oh why not
    black box-dreamland - @orbit scored a sealed copy for me. solid italio house, one big cheese ball sax dud slightly mars the experience.

  2. Mon 17 Jul 2017 03:05:01 AM GMT

    ed sheeren no

  3. 3 weeks ago
    Fri 07 Jul 2017 03:21:16 PM GMT
    snip posted in July Cool Guy Tune Time.

    need to sample some more of the half year quietus best so far round up .
    digging the new gnod and temple ov bbv. havent bought much else new besides uniform and moonlandingz, both of which i haven't really revisited much since i first got 'em...

  4. 7 weeks ago
    Mon 05 Jun 2017 09:51:21 PM GMT

    @orbit Was that Uniform blasting out of that black car in Ep. 5 last night?

    yes it was!

  5. 8 weeks ago
    Thu 01 Jun 2017 10:11:13 PM GMT

    @September11th Can you really complain about a movie injecting a love storyline when every movie ever made has one? Isn't that like criticizing a movie for the use of cameras? Of course Amy Adams' character is going to end up loving a handsome man. Or is it just the way they went about it?

    yeah I know. and I didn't hate it or anything, but I held out hope for a minute that it would transcend cliche. my bad!

  6. Thu 01 Jun 2017 09:31:33 PM GMT

    @junea Even if it means sacrificing a child's life for it..... well, at least the movie is sort of meta physically pro choice

    but baby despite it all, even if he will leave. oh yarsh. inuition, ain't it a bitch?

  7. Thu 01 Jun 2017 08:35:56 PM GMT

    @junea THANK YOU

    yr welcome. but u know women can't help but fall in love w men that they work with, even if HR frowns about it.

  8. Thu 01 Jun 2017 08:21:17 PM GMT

    also what irked me about arrival: it was setting itself up to be really deeply feminist but then fell back on lame romantic movie cliche.

  9. Thu 01 Jun 2017 08:18:50 PM GMT

    went to john wick 2 at the riverview last night. ridiculously gruesome fun even if parts of the action felt too video game-y (in terms of sequencing not cgi visuals). so many outdated cell phones tho.

  10. Tue 30 May 2017 04:04:10 PM GMT

    as far as any algorithm goes...probably best to view not as a puzzle to be solved but just as a puzzle. some symbols will be hilariously obvious (heck, lynch's hard of hearing character might YELL THEM AT YOU), others may make some form of intuitive sense even if never neatly tied up with an expositional bow.

    the render farm thing brings to mind watching a mystery movie with my mom. she loves to smugly say "I KNEW IT" two seconds after the killer is revealed, as if flattering her own sleuthing skills takes priority over the craft of the whole thing she's watching.

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