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  1. 2 days ago
    Fri 18 Aug 2017 09:59:04 PM GMT
    S Slee ZZ posted in New Miscellany.

    My old man was a long haul trucker for 15 years. Yep, he got hemmies all the time. Once he quit, he never got them again.

  2. 3 days ago
    Thu 17 Aug 2017 04:33:42 PM GMT

    Well, then, full congrats to stuffed and zom both on their next nuptial steps. And may the entire board be slaked in safe and consensual quim and jizz for all apocalyptic eternity.

    Except for Nazis.

  3. Thu 17 Aug 2017 04:25:07 PM GMT

    NOOK! I don't even know what the Rocket place is.

  4. Thu 17 Aug 2017 04:14:07 PM GMT

    Also, awesome tweet, stuffed. Don't know whether to say sorry or congrats about your marriage situation. Maybe both? Best of luck to you and yer mang.

  5. Thu 17 Aug 2017 04:12:35 PM GMT

    Speaking of meat, this married is about to fuck the everliving shit out of this Lodge burger with my face.

  6. 4 days ago
    Wed 16 Aug 2017 01:34:00 PM GMT

    @corngrid I think the idea was that making it go away was like sweeping it under the rug and pretending we can all just move on like nothing ever happened. That's kind of what lots of unpleasantry-averse white folk want.

    I know one thing that is sometimes done is to remove such things from their position of prominence and recontextualize it by displaying it elsewhere with some added narrative, etc.

    That would be my choice. Just leaving the dumb statues there feeds into that binary, black-and-white thinking that inflames so many and adds so little to progress.

    Removing them entirely is better, in my opinion, but absolutely runs the risk of ignoring or forgetting about the atrocities that these statues represent.

    Recontextualizing at least a few of them for purposes of historical and sociological education seems the best path to me.

  7. last week
    Thu 10 Aug 2017 07:04:44 PM GMT

    Hahaha, I actually have that Gold Wing. Still runabout like a champ, too.

  8. 2 weeks ago
    Wed 09 Aug 2017 02:41:08 PM GMT

    Racist Ron is at least five inches shorter than I am.

  9. Wed 09 Aug 2017 02:40:37 PM GMT

    Yeah, it was a smooth machine, but felt a tad small as most two-wheelers do for me. I gotta see how adjustable it is.

  10. Wed 09 Aug 2017 03:40:19 AM GMT

    Thanks, gang! I'll probably go fleece that racist fuck when he gets back from Sturgis.

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