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  1. 3 days ago
    Thu Apr 27 15:38:29 2017

    tonight n' shit

  2. Thu Apr 27 15:37:53 2017
    Bicorn Halfelven posted in I Want Some Goth Ice Cream.

    A real goth ice cream shop would drop the cone on the floor while handing it to you.

    No refunds.

  3. 5 days ago
    Tue Apr 25 04:37:54 2017
    Bicorn Halfelven posted in April 2017 Listening.

    The Cult of Lip 7" is really really good, looking forward to the new one.

  4. 6 days ago
    Mon Apr 24 14:27:41 2017
    Bicorn Halfelven posted in Welcome to Trump's America.

    That was the first thing I saw this morning. At least he has his priorities straight.

  5. Mon Apr 24 14:26:13 2017
    Bicorn Halfelven posted in April 2017 Movies.

    Poison for the Fairies - Superb 1984 Mexican horror. Centered on two young girls, one convinces the other she is a witch, which leads them to do increasingly crazy shit as one girl manipulates the other. Gorgeous sets, colors, everything. The director obviously put a lot of thought into creating an insular world of pretend, showing adults from the back and below, never showing their faces. Reminded me a bit of Alucarda, but not nearly as extreme or sexual. A+ 100%

  6. last week
    Sun Apr 23 01:16:54 2017
    Bicorn Halfelven posted in RIP MRMB.

    I found that thread by googling "modern radio message board come spray da butt"

  7. Sat Apr 22 23:48:09 2017
    Bicorn Halfelven posted in RIP MRMB.

    pitpat, Toby Ronnie 31 May 2016 Administrator
    i mean i'm going to rig the bidet to spray slightly warmed Cool Water cologne. By Davidoff.

    It's in Miscellaneous Thoughts.

  8. Sat Apr 22 23:44:36 2017
    Bicorn Halfelven posted in RIP MRMB.

    The Super Soaker thing was from the bidet thread, whatever that was called.

  9. Sat Apr 22 05:45:56 2017
    Bicorn Halfelven posted in April 2017 Movies.

    Color Me Blood Red - HG Lewis classic, a painter starts using human blood on his canvases to impress his critics. Not quite Two Thousand Maniacs, but still great shit.

    American Samurai - Doug Bradley of the American Ninja sequels without Dudikoff vs. Mark Dacascos of every 90s action movie. A Cannon Film. Entertaining, solid dumbass Bloodsport ripoff.

    Hundra - 1983 sword & sandal Conan cash-in, loved it. Will be seeking out more of Matt Cimber's work.

    Scorpion Thunderbolt - Terrible/awesome 1988 Godfrey Ho mashterpiece, he took footage from another film, and edited in new footage with Richard Harrison at his sleazebag greatest. Loved it.

    Mutant Girls Squad - I've been meaning to see this for years and just got to it. I like Iguchi's movies, even if they're stupid they always make me laugh. This might be the most outrageous of his I've seen so far, and I've seen Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead. Don't think I'll ever be able to forget the chainsaw butthole.

  10. Fri Apr 21 06:01:33 2017
    Bicorn Halfelven posted in He is rison.

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