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    Tue Jun 13 03:53:50 2017
    Bicorn Halfelven posted in June Watchening 2017.

    Also, Thor is unwatchable. I either turn it off because it's too painful or fall asleep.

    At least the Halle Berry Catwoman has the excellent basketball scene.

  2. Tue Jun 13 03:51:27 2017
    Bicorn Halfelven posted in June Watchening 2017.

    I haven't seen Howard the Duck since channel 9 used to play it every weekend, but I liked it then. I had a major crush on Lea Thompson, and yeah, weird feelings abounded.

  3. Tue Jun 13 03:48:42 2017
    Bicorn Halfelven posted in Look at this fucking house.

    On a scale of Overpowering to Lethal, I wonder how bad the cat pee smell is.

  4. Tue Jun 13 03:47:01 2017
    Bicorn Halfelven posted in Look at this fucking house.

    purrfect home for any cat lover/serial killer

  5. Mon Jun 12 04:53:34 2017
    Bicorn Halfelven posted in June Watchening 2017.

    Yeah, but I don't really care for Marvel movies and consider the Dolph Lundgren The Punisher to be the high water mark, so take that how you will.

  6. Sun Jun 11 18:00:11 2017
    Bicorn Halfelven posted in June Watchening 2017.

    Wonder Woman - Wow, easily my favorite superhero movie since, I dunno, the 1978 Superman? Blows all of the Marvel stuff I've seen out of the water. Really loved it.

    Mystery Road - Aussie crime thriller set in the Outback. Quite good, leaving Netflix in a few days. I love how Australian movies make me terrified of Australia, but I still want to go.

    American Kickboxer - Martial arts quickie by Cannon. Not interesting enough to be good, too competent to be Cannon good-bad. Just eh.

    Shatter - Co-production between Hammer and Shaw Bros. with Stuart Whitman, Peter Cushing, Lily Li and Tung Li. Mostly pretty boring, not nearly enough Cushing. Whitman doesn't take it too seriously, which helps, but the fight scenes are lackluster too.

    Slumber Party Massacre - Went to the Trylon for a mystery Corman movie and ended up seeing this. Hadn't seen it in years, still lots of fun. The Trylon crowd ate it up, pretty sure 90% of the people in the room had seen it several times before, and they gave away SPM buttons. I got one with the little sister looking at the Sly Stallone Playgirl.

  7. Sat Jun 10 16:05:16 2017
    Bicorn Halfelven posted in Additional Additional RIP thread.


  8. 2 weeks ago
    Wed Jun 7 05:14:17 2017
    Bicorn Halfelven posted in Tunes for June that make my butt swoon! .

    @Arby_Headphones Yeah not sure what made me never checking them out
    after all these years.

    Never been huge on Swedish death metal, but I like the early albums from Dismember and Centinex, and pre-Wolverine Blues Entombed. Grave is far and away my favorite. In To The Grave still holds up, and the records from the last decade were pretty good from what I remember, haven't listened to anything more recent than that.

  9. Tue Jun 6 04:28:43 2017
    Bicorn Halfelven posted in Tunes for June that make my butt swoon! .

    Grave rules

  10. Tue Jun 6 04:19:59 2017
    Bicorn Halfelven posted in Yes! Yes! Yes! A new wrestling thread.

    Extreme Rules was rather disappointing, especially after going to Wrestlepalooza the night before. Kalisto/Crews - ok, would have been better if they had another five mintues.
    Ambrose/Miz - yawn
    Banks & Swann/Fox & Dar - I still don't know why Sasha Banks was even there, but it was all stupid and pointless so I guess I don't care. Disappointing because I like all four.
    Bayley/Alexa - waste of time, terrible
    Hardys/Cesaro & Shock Top - another waste of time, terrible
    Neville/Aries - only good match of the night
    Balor/Samoa Joe/Wyatt/Rollins/Mannequin Reigns - Reigns is a fucking joke. Dude looks like a clone of Chris Cornell, which the scientist raised on steroids and quaaludes, rendering facial muscles or the ability to learn inert. They started the match off with him just standing there, which i think was to piss of the smarks, but most of the match he was lying on the floor resting up for his one thing that he does. I don't even remember who won, but at least it wasn't the Hayden Christensen of wrestling.

    Wrestlepalooza was a blast, Airwolf got over mega big, that kid is going to be a star. He's only 17, and showed up everyone else on the card, except maybe Drago. Aerostar couldn't make it due to visa problems (fyvm, Trump), but Fire Ant was an ok replacement. Joey Ryan and Grado had a great comedy match, and the place went apeshit for Wildcat. Will be at the next one for sure.

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