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  1. 5 days ago
    Thu May 18 20:16:43 2017

    From Lindsay "fainting couch" Graham *It's now considered a criminal investigation*

  2. 6 days ago
    Wed May 17 20:43:55 2017
    kbollox posted in Look at this fucking house.

    Yeah, that's better than a bunker! It comes with a built in throne room?!

  3. Wed May 17 19:57:20 2017
    kbollox posted in Pa speaker system .

    The powered speaker means no additional amps or powered mixer. The mixer you do input would be your line/mic levels etc. - You then also have individual volume controls on each of the speakers too... I would note to pay attention to the crossover setting options on the sub - I used an 18" Yamaha sub with 2 x 12" Mackie speakers and it was loud & clear for dj in a large room for 150 ppl.

    I think $1500 and you'd have all of it brand new delivered for free - but going used will bring down $ too.

    There's always Craigslist!

  4. Wed May 17 12:51:39 2017
    kbollox posted in Pa speaker system .

    yeah, you will. Esp for any hip-hop beats blastin' - gotta have the boomin' system.

  5. Wed May 17 04:07:28 2017
    kbollox posted in Pa speaker system .

    I was quite satisfied with a pair of powered 12" Mackie Thump speakers and a powered sub, Yamaha makes some nice stuff too but more $. Keep in mind stands & cables, you'll need a mixer in front too, even a little 402-VLZ worked nicely in the above set up for a couple of channels.

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  7. Thu May 11 17:32:00 2017
    kbollox posted in Miscellaneous Thoughts.

    I said "ass, gas, or grass - no one rides for free" and no one got the River's Edge reference.


  8. Wed May 10 15:56:31 2017
    kbollox posted in Cool Books @ The Library.

    in Cleveland!

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    Sun May 7 21:49:31 2017
    kbollox posted in Twins and Baseball 2017.


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