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  1. 3 days ago
    Mon Apr 24 19:07:11 2017

    Which is what he did point out this morning as his great accomplishments in the first 100 days.

  2. Mon Apr 24 19:00:44 2017

    @September11th Gorsuch is all that I can think of off the top of my head.

    Which is really Mitch McConnell's accomplishment, not Trump's.

  3. Mon Apr 24 19:00:06 2017

    He was elected primarily by a constituency that not only doesn't value governing, but is openly opposed to it and sees those that do see a role for governing as hopeless, uptight, jerks. Trump was elected to be a constant source of annoyance and opposition to those eggheads. By that measure, he continues to excel and has accomplished much. This explains the recent poll that shows the something like 98% of Trump voters do not regret their vote. By perception, his creation of "liberal tears" will always surpass actual immigration bans, border walls, tax reform, etc.

    It's all just about spite.

  4. last week
    Tue Apr 18 18:52:06 2017

    Yeah. I assume brand new threads are unaffected. If I were to guess, any threads prior to the most recent blackout are likely to be affected by this.

  5. Tue Apr 18 17:41:19 2017
    stu posted in April 2017 Movies.

    @dan_johnson Someone should start a dating app specifically branded to appeal to people who are 99% resigned to dying alone and having their pets eat them.

    Maybe not so much a dating app, but something where someone you meet through the app consents to be on a call list to be informed when you do die.

  6. Mon Apr 17 16:08:22 2017
    stu posted in He is risen.

    Yes, have been there to see that waterfall. Did not see any snakes or notable birds.

  7. Mon Apr 17 15:34:47 2017
    stu posted in He is risen.

    I like hidden waterfalls. Can you tell me more?

  8. Mon Apr 17 15:34:14 2017
    stu posted in A Teevee Thread for 2017.

    Also, I know different actors have voiced Crow and Tom Servo over the years, but the voices throw me off. Not being able to immediately identify the voice makes it hard for me to interpret the humor that would be associated with who says the joke. Anyway, these are nit picky things. I like the two episodes I have watched.

    Also, Patton Oswalt is very funny.

  9. Sun Apr 16 22:53:40 2017

    Yes! Gracias.

  10. Sun Apr 16 22:20:57 2017

    @pitpat, Toby Ronnie and someone (?) else brought up a revolutionary record sleeve on the board a few months back. What was the product again?

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