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  2. Sun Jun 11 18:46:15 2017
    F Finn McCool posted in June Watchening 2017.

    DC Universe be like

  3. Sun Jun 11 18:41:44 2017

    President Snowflake won't visit the UK if there are protests. He's much more comfortable in places like Saudi Arabia.

  4. Sun Jun 11 00:14:55 2017

    Since no single party won a majority of seats, the Tories needed to form a coalition with the Northern Irish theocrats (DUP) to push them over the top and keep May in the PM seat (for now). This puts them in a much weaker position than after the last election, when they held an outright majority.

    It's messy and confusing, but it's certainly an improvement over our archaic system. Look, a minor party has influence!

  5. Sat Jun 10 23:06:42 2017
    F Finn McCool posted in Additional Additional RIP thread.

    Also Sam Panopoulos , the Greek-Canadian who invented the Hawaiian Pizza.

  6. Sat Jun 10 23:00:21 2017

    I guess no one told the Commander in Chief about all the military personnel we've got stationed in Qatar before he started waving his shriveled dick around and mumbling something about terrorists.

  7. Sat Jun 10 15:49:11 2017
    F Finn McCool posted in Additional Additional RIP thread.

    Adam West!

  8. 2 weeks ago
    Fri Jun 9 19:43:48 2017
    F Finn McCool posted in JOB IDEAS? ANYONE?.

    No politics in tree clearing, you say?


  9. Thu Jun 8 22:19:39 2017

    Looks like Theresa May screwed the pooch fox on this one. Probably a hung parliament.

  10. Thu Jun 8 20:42:20 2017

    As broken as a modern democracy.

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