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    Mon Jun 12 21:36:55 2017

    **Matt Helgeson "Thinking About Canned Heat" $25 with in the greater MSP metro area.
    Matt Helgeson comes to a location you are at and talks to you for awhile about his opinions on Canned Heat. You can offer him a beer and he will accept.

  2. Mon Jun 12 21:34:40 2017

    That Grape Cloud record is legit

  3. Mon Jun 12 21:32:42 2017

    **Croc Sunt "A Tribute to House Visit" call 612-543-8000 for pricing
    A Croc Sunt representative comes to your house and dumps paint on the floor. You pick the color. Then they kick you in the crotch. Non-sexual.

  4. Mon Jun 12 21:30:23 2017

    The random record is a piece of 40 grit sand paper shaped like a dick inside an Ohio Players Honey sleeve with the phrase "CREE CRUNK" written in black marker across the front

  5. Mon Jun 12 21:21:45 2017

    **Muderer Kid "Face Kill" Demo Ep-$6.00
    Insanely catchy South Carolina Horror-Ska with some Northern Soul overtones. Similar to some of the later Kansas Idiot Group records on Hardcore Meathead. Strong female lead vocals and tons of the slap bass, every song ends with a toilet being flushed Look for a full length by August. They have already broken up.

    **P-Armed 7 "All The Songs" One-sided 5" 45 RPM Lathe cut-$14.00
    Finally collected all in single spot the complete recordings of the legendary Peruvian pre-neo-hardcore band P-Armed 7! Three songs, just under two and a half minutes! Imagine the Flying Fucking-A Holes doing a Liberace cover.

    **Millennials Are Kulture "self titled" Soundcloud link-$50.00
    Crazy mix tape. Gets kind of boring at the end.

  6. Mon Jun 12 20:18:43 2017
    the Classical posted in June Watchening 2017.

    I watched a really good production of Waiting for Godot from 2000 on Youtube last night. This one , directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg! Who knew.

    Howard the Duck is great.

  7. Mon Jun 12 20:14:07 2017
    the Classical posted in 2017 Reading.

    A lot of Samuel Beckett, which hasn't really improved my mood much.

  8. 2 weeks ago
    Fri Jun 9 20:48:43 2017
    the Classical posted in Musical Bears in the News.

    @Roaratorio great book about a jazz saxophonist who happens to be a bear



  9. Wed Jun 7 17:09:24 2017
    the Classical posted in CHICAGO YEAH!.

    Act like a big macho tough guy until it snows like half an inch and use a folding to "hold" a parking spot on the street

  10. Wed Jun 7 17:07:59 2017
    the Classical posted in CHICAGO YEAH!.

    Watch two boats fuck

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