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  1. 6 hours ago
    Tue Mar 28 05:47:17 2017
    patti fundament posted in March Movies.

    I assume they used drones, how else could you film a
    wolf catching a boar from the boar's POV, then swoop
    up with the watching predator birds.

  2. Tue Mar 28 05:45:14 2017
    patti fundament posted in March Movies.

    oops, Królestwo

  3. Tue Mar 28 05:44:20 2017
    patti fundament posted in March Movies.

    [b]Królestwo/b], about the primeval forest in Poland & Belarus.

    Amazing footage of animals, probably somewhat staged. Also
    incredible sound recording. I'd love to see a photo of the setup.

    Ridiculous but entertaining bits featuring people wearing skins,
    kind of a Polish "Quest For Fire" part. But I might have missed a
    few things since I watched it in Polish.

    So many animals, up close & audible.

  4. last week
    Mon Mar 20 04:30:47 2017

    Finn, you jest, but so many of our regular listeners are as
    rabid as we are about 78s that it may as well be one. It is
    definitely being treated as one, package-wise. Paper sleeve,
    nothing else. Any purist would approve.

  5. Mon Mar 20 01:31:45 2017
    patti fundament posted in A Teevee Thread for 2017.

    The Mildred Pierce book by James M. Cain is so good. Doesn't
    make me feel good about fellow humans, but it's great.

    I recently watched the new Tracy Ullman show & loved it. She
    goes way overboard in every sketch. Finally, something better
    than Benny Hill, but in the same vein.

  6. Sun Mar 19 21:38:57 2017
    patti fundament posted in Welcome to Trump's America.

    Still very pissed about the Pat Garofalo MN preemption bill.

    It's so like republicans to impose government control upon
    a city while claiming to reduce it.

  7. Sun Mar 19 21:32:43 2017

    You're too kind. I forgot to mention that this is in a format which
    many people find most irritating of all - 10" record. Our favorite!

  8. Sun Mar 19 21:30:11 2017
    patti fundament posted in 2017 Reading.

    PRINCE OF CATS is a nice take on Shakespeare. Written in rhyme, even.
    It has a kind of Moebius-y feel sometimes.


  9. Sun Mar 19 09:47:57 2017
    patti fundament posted in 2017 Reading.

    I loved TORTILLA FLAT, CANNERY ROW too. Steinbeck
    was so good writing about Monterey.

  10. Sun Mar 19 09:35:35 2017
    patti fundament posted in 2017 Reading.

    She casts a fresh light upon the Reagan era in particular,
    in regards to current US racial attitudes.

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