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  1. 2 weeks ago
    Sat Jun 10 09:03:52 2017
    patti fundament posted in Travel Plans 2017.

    I was born in Alaska, in Wainright which is very far north.

    I'm in Australia. Just dug my way up Scone Mountain, NSW
    & rode down some great red dirt hills.

  2. 4 weeks ago
    Fri May 26 07:22:55 2017
    patti fundament posted in Bike bike bike bike bike.

    Rode through shallow water full of tadpoles & minnows
    yesterday. It's only a matter of time before hubs on my
    new bike are fully submerged.

  3. 5 weeks ago
    Thu May 18 05:16:24 2017
    patti fundament posted in Look at this fucking house.

    Little Falls NY is a nice little town. The Mohawk river intersects
    with the Erie canal, & there's an abandoned cemetery up high
    on a hill above the river, all woods. Just far away enough from Utica.

  4. Thu May 18 03:12:35 2017

    Has anyone else here been watching all the Indian commercials
    for Lifebuoy soap?

  5. Thu May 18 03:11:13 2017
    patti fundament posted in Turkey.

    The american police are so tentative compared to Erdogan's guards
    in that video. Bigger & more armored too, but the bodyguards are the kickers.

    I've been reading the Kapka Kassabova book about Thrace, a region
    encompassing parts of Turkey, Greece, & a lot of Bulgaria. Great book!

    She goes into detail about Bulgaria's Turkish assimilation campaign
    in the 80's. You weren't allowed to be Turkish there, people had to
    change their names, speak another language, let the banks take all
    their money.. they were like Mexicans here - built the place, but no
    rights. Lots got killed.

    It's so easy here to forget how crazy the "European identity" is - the
    nationalist, fortress mentality. Turkey, our biggest ally & full of huge
    US air bases, was still excluded from one of the poorest, shittiest &
    meanest countries in Europe in the 80s. And now they can repress
    their own ethnic minority, one that will never go away, & one which
    represents a women's movement to much of world.

  6. Wed May 17 03:17:13 2017

    Saw KEDI at Riverview yesterday, Thought it would be just a nice nothing, but really liked it.

  7. Wed May 17 03:15:27 2017
    patti fundament posted in More Shows.

    Dreamland Faces is accompanying SHOES this weekend at Trylon as part of their women directors series.
    We're playing an original score with Elaine Evans & Christa Schneider.

    Our young heroine works in dreary retail & is the sole supporter of her parents & sisters. Dad's a layabout who drinks beer out of a bucket & reads cheap novels all day. Her money gets handed over to Mom, who works hard to get everyone fed. New shoes are desperately needed. How to get them?

    Friday May 19th - 8pm
    Saturday May 20th - 8pm
    Sunday May 21st - 5pm, 7pm


  8. Tue May 16 05:19:03 2017
    patti fundament posted in my life as written by sleaford mods.

    Agreed about Clarke, magma.
    They each have a kind of happy-to-be-pissed-off delivery.

  9. Sun May 14 11:56:35 2017
    patti fundament posted in my life as written by sleaford mods.

    Definitely better lyrics than the boring LFTR - P

    I like how they record while the videos are being shot, too.

  10. 6 weeks ago
    Wed May 10 05:04:14 2017
    patti fundament posted in Welcome to Trump's America.

    The Yates hearing is still resonating in my brain.

    Her competence is so apparent. No wonder the
    administration got scared & tried to delay it.

    Who among them appears even remotely able if
    she's nearby?

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