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    Sun Mar 19 22:41:47 2017

    Specific as the mooner was I suppose.

  2. Sun Mar 19 21:51:36 2017

    @orbit Assuming their business was already under water, if this story is even half true.

    Apparently there's a photo of her "mooning" with "You lost" written across her behind, I did not look for it;

    "When you get the snowflakes so mad they start posting the mooning photo of your ass with "You Lost" written on it, thereby trolling themselves with your giant, wrinkly, "You Lost" screaming ass that they now have to look at everytime they post hate comments.

    Uh no, that's not expert troll level.

  3. Sun Mar 19 20:17:21 2017

    If you want some laffs, look at her Facebook page. Clueless, stupid and arrogant.


  4. Sun Mar 19 20:12:28 2017

    Waaah! Waaah!
    They setup a Gofundme, of course.

    Always surprised that there are Trump-supporting and conservative / Republican musicians that are so shocked to learn that when people find out about their politics they lose business.

  5. Fri Mar 17 17:21:16 2017
    zom posted in oh thank goodness.

    Ha ha I posted about Slack and then it didn't work and then I saw modern radio vape slack team and wat fak

  6. Fri Mar 17 17:09:53 2017
    zom posted in oh thank goodness.

    Maybe think about using Slack? That seems to work well.

  7. Thu Mar 16 23:56:18 2017

    I saw Santana in 1976, it wasn't really my bag but at that time I figured it was like going to see classical music or something like that. It was really quite a cool concert though.

  8. 2 weeks ago
    Sun Mar 12 14:48:13 2017

    The furor over "Soviet Soviet" being sent back to Italy seems to miss the fact that any band that tries to come to the USA without work visas, and says they're not going to be paid for the several shows that are on the record as being booked, and that charge admission, is going to be turned away. Try doing that in Canada or anywhere else. This is pretty much common knowledge for world-touring bands. You don't go to another nation to play shows and say you're not going to get paid. Who would believe that?
    This is a trumped-up controversy, pun intended. I've played in Europe, you have to get work visas and permission. This is nothing new. And the same thing goes for European or wherever-based bands coming to play in the USA.

  9. Fri Mar 10 18:48:10 2017

    Oh yeah, they're really rabid about this. I mean there already was that one guy who showed up at Comet with the guns, looking for the tunnels. Some friends go to that joint and have played there. This isn't like isolated crazies, it's a huge amount of people.

  10. Fri Mar 10 17:39:40 2017
    zom posted in Miscellaneous Thoughts.

    @orbit As if this year didn't already suck badly enough, Afghan Whigs are back. With Har Mar Superstar in their video.

    I saw that yesterday, why so many friends like this crap band is beyond me. I'm sorry for having to have worked on one of their videos in the old days, what pompous fucks.

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