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    Mon Mar 27 23:15:26 2017
    tom posted in Back Up For Now!.

    hey all,
    We had full website outtage for several days. It was stressful and annoying but I'm glad it is resolved for now. The future of the board is probably not sustainable but we'll do what we can for now. Thank for your support and patience.

  2. 7 weeks ago
    Mon Mar 6 19:17:30 2017

    Can't wait for people to hear this whole thing. It's fucking epic.

  3. Mon Mar 6 17:46:03 2017

    Facebook Event

    Some of you all know by buddy Chuck Coffey who has played in a bunch of bands out of Denver over the years (The Facet, Big Timber, etc) and released records on his labels Not Bad Records and Snappy Little Numbers. His current band Spells are playing at the Seward on Saturday. I put this bill together for them and I hope people can make it out. Spells are great live and I'm excited to see all of the bands.

    Bug Fix
    Low Forms
    Nato Coles (solo set)
    Doors: 7pm Tunes: 8pm $5 All Ages

  4. 2 months ago
    Tue Feb 7 20:35:58 2017

    and loving that Lebron is fighting back too. The way he called out Barkley was perfect. The last person who should question someone's character is Barkley. He pulled all sorts of nonsense as a player and whined incessantly to get moved out to Phoenix.

  5. Tue Feb 7 20:28:57 2017

    Hot take: this injury may be not the worst thing in the world for the team's focus. It would have been dumb if they made the playoffs as the 8th seed to get crushed by the Warriors. I'd rather see them grow and get a better lottery pick than to prove they are a still slightly below average team. Reminder, 30 teams are in the league and 16 make the playoffs. We'll get back with this crew but I'd rather take our time and build versus make moves to get swept. I remember all of those KG first round playoff exits. After the first one, it got old.

  6. Tue Jan 31 15:24:46 2017

    It's a move in the right direction. They are going to catch the Cavs sans Love although they are going to be hungry for a win after losing to the fucking Mavs last night.

    Glad to see the wolves finally winning some close games.

    League is looking great top to bottom in general. Even the Nets aren't as bad as I expected. I am shocked they are over 9 wins at this point in the season. I love this game!

  7. 3 months ago
    Sun Jan 22 22:54:33 2017

    Looking forward to this on Saturday.

  8. Sun Jan 22 22:48:07 2017

    I'd roll the dice on Jackson potentially. He's better than he's playing right now so you're buying low. He is young and scrappy. Not necessarily a pass-first point guard but that's a different change of pace I'm ok with. I couldn't imagine the team just going with Dunn and Tyus solely.

    Watched the Lakers vs. Mavs today. Yikes. The Lakers were getting beat by 40! They are who we thought they were. Bottom of the west this year is UGLY! Can't believe the wolves are not that far out of it.

  9. Sun Jan 8 20:53:42 2017

    Anyone who is interested in helping maintain the "shows" channel let me know. It doesn't take much work these days but I don't find myself on the board much but would like this to remain a useful resource.

  10. Tue Jan 3 13:58:33 2017

    @pitpat, Toby Ronnie never forget

    Great era of the board.

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