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  1. yesterday
    Sat Apr 29 12:57:25 2017

    FFFoxy Podcast #97 with in-studio guest Graham Lambkin is now available

    Mark Harwood & Graham Lambkin “Sirisongs” Sirisongs 7” (Penultimate Press/Kye)
    Blue Suede Platforms “Rebel Debutante” Woodhat CS (All Gone)
    Conformity Contortion “There’s No Time Like the Prescient” Perception Management CD (Personal Archives)
    Mattin “Jenseits der Willkommenskultur” Songbook #6 LP (SDZ Records)
    (Talk break)
    Robert Ashley “The Fox” Wolfman CD (Alga Marghen)
    Leif Brush “Earth Star Songs, Pt. I” (excerpt) Stitched Phenomena CS (Pentiments)
    (Talk break)
    Alex de Grassi “Bougainvillea” Clockwork LP (Windham Hill)
    Tod Dockstader “Band 4: Piece 4” Eight Electronic Pieces LP (Etats-Unis)
    Mathieu Serruys “The Silver Sea” On Germaine Dulac LP (B.A.A.D.M.)
    Lard Free “Spirale Malax” III CD (Spalax)
    (Talk break)
    Joe McPhee “A Quantum Singularity” (excerpt) Seattle Symphony LP (Kye)
    Matthew Revert “Being Small” Being Small LP (Kye)
    (Talk break)
    Anton Heyboer “Woman Gives Herself by Her Eyes and That Is All” Rules of the Universe 2LP (Kye)
    Buell Kazee “The Butcher’s Boy” Anthology of American Folk Music 6CD Box Set (Smithsonian Folkways)
    Mars “Puerto Rican Ghost” No New York CD (Lilith)
    (Talk break)
    Cromagnon “Organic Sundown” Cave Rock CD (ESP-Disk/Munster)
    Pascal Comelade “Fluence” Rocanrolorama 6CD box set (Because Music)
    Harold Budd “Dark Star” Wind In Lonely Fences 1970-2011 2CD (All Saints)
    (Closing comments)
    Mark Harwood & Graham Lambkin “Sirisongs” Sirisongs 7” (Penultimate Press/Kye)

  2. last week
    Thu Apr 20 18:52:42 2017

    Tomorrow night!!

  3. 2 weeks ago
    Sat Apr 15 14:10:50 2017

    FFFoxy Podcast #96 is now available

    Drunk Elk “Quintessence” S/T LP (House Rules)
    Russian Tsarlag “Three Colors” Gel Station Past LP (House Rules)
    Quilt Boy “Sick Fish” Field Day of Yonder CS (All Gone)
    Jason Millard “Same Key” Tall Reeds CS (Lighten Up Sounds)
    Susan Alcorn “Hello Goodbye Hello” The Hired Hands: A Tribute to Bruce Langhorne 2CD (Scissor Tail)
    Matthew P. Hopkins “W & W” W’s 7” (Albert’s Basement)
    Downer Canada “B” (excerpt) Ares CD-R (Power Moves Library)
    (Talk break)
    No UFO’s “Classic NU Shit” NU LP For RS LP (Root Strata)
    Matthew Revert and Vanessa Rossetto “Emergency Contact” KSE 11th Anniv. Album CD-R (Kendra Steiner Editions)
    Graham Lambkin “Men Do the Cutting” Two Points on the Angle CS* (No Rent)
    Maths Balance Volumes “Cross Cattle Queen” Lower Forms LP (self-released)
    Nothing Band “Beet Punk Brillo Pad Index” Nuked/Flushed CS (Tingo Tongo Tapes)
    DJ DJ Tanner “Horrible Rally” (excerpt) Ice at 1991 CS (Personal Archives)
    John Cage with David Tudor “Excerpts – 8pm to 9pm” Variations IV CD (Legacy International)
    (Talk break)
    Hans Appelqvist “Swimming Pool” Swimming Pool CS (Orange Milk)
    Gerry & The Holograms “Increased Resistance” S/T LP (Cache Cache)
    StrangerStill “Lately” Strange CD-R* (Chemical Imbalance)
    Gao Jiafeng “Track 3” Selected Works 2013-2017 CD-R (Reading Group)
    Lol Coxhill/Steve Miller “Will My Thirst Play Me Tricks…” The Story So Far/Oh Really? 2CD (Cuneiform Records)
    Philippe Lauzier “Far Side” Dôme CS (Small Scale Music)
    (Talk break)
    Sult/Lasse Marhaug “Harpoon (first)” (excerpt) Harpoon LP* (Pica Disk/Conrad Sound)

  4. 3 weeks ago
    Fri Apr 7 01:02:54 2017

    @patti fundament Glad to hear that you've been enjoying these. Thanks for taking the time to listen.

  5. Wed Apr 5 01:50:31 2017

    Well, hope you can both make it. Sounds like a cool opportunity there HotLegs.

  6. Wed Apr 5 01:50:12 2017

    Well, hope you can both make it. Sounds like a cool opportunity there HotLegs.

  7. Mon Apr 3 22:18:26 2017

    FFFoxy Podcast #95 is now available

    Scorpion Violente “The Knife” The Stalker 12” (Bruit Direct Disques)
    Carla dal Forno “What You Gonna Do Now?” You Know What It’s Like LP (Blackest Ever Black)
    Sylvia Monnier “Denis Hopper” Stock Shot & Addictive Sling CS (Sacred Phrases)
    Adamennon “Dalle Fauci Al Ventre Della Bestia Nera” Le Nove Ombre Del Caos CD (Boring Machines)
    Requiem “Relevation” For A World After CD (Mental Experience)
    Martyna Poznanska “Accurately Mapped State of Mental Exquisite Blankness” A Mind of Winter CD-R (Reading Group)
    (Talk break)
    Blowfly Saint “Wallaby + Heart” Duck St/ulp CS (Epic Sweep)
    Bitter Fictions “Dye & Thread” Jettison LP (Shaking Box)
    Givan Lötz “Revesz” Yaw CS (Other Electricities)
    Tashi Dorji “Track 2” Live at the Dreamland CS (Ultra Violet Light)
    Cat Casual and the Holy Midnight “Ladyfingers” S/T CS (Gubbey Records)
    Uranium Club “God’s Chest” All Of Them Naturals LP (Fashionable Idiots)
    :zoviet*france: “Fugitive” Collusion CD (The Grey Area)
    (Talk break)
    Colin Potter “Murder By Furniture” The Ghost Office 2LP (Deep Distance)
    Nurse With Wound “Pulse Interplay” (excerpt) Spiral Insana 2CD (Rotorelief)
    Luc Ferrari “Petite Symphonie…” (excerpt) Hétérozygote/Petite Symphonie… LP (Recollection GRM)
    Moniek Darge “Birds” Sacred Balinese Soundies, Mauro’s Song CD (Kye)
    Yannick Dauby “Side B” (excerpt) Magicien Rouch CS (Tanuki)
    Motion Sickness of Time Travel “Traffic / Throughout the Night (excerpt)” Let-Down CD (Adversary)
    (Talk break)
    Bülent Arel “Electronic Music No. 1” Electronic Music 1960-1973 LP (Sub Rosa)

  8. Mon Apr 3 22:17:08 2017

    Hope you can make it @HotLegs

  9. 4 weeks ago
    Thu Mar 30 23:51:53 2017

    This show is happening in three weeks time if anyone has an interest.

  10. 7 weeks ago
    Sat Mar 11 21:54:51 2017

    FFFoxy Podcast #94: The Helen Scarsdale Agency feature with Jim Haynes is now available

    Jim Haynes “With Lead” Throttle & Calibration CS (HMS 040)
    (Introduction / background music Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson “Late Night Arrival”)
    Ekin Fil “Stranger Than Them” Being Near LP (HMS 038)
    Kate Carr “Things Did Seem Kind Of Magical” It Was a Time Of Laboured Metaphors CS (HMS 035)
    (Interview segment with Jim Haynes)
    Himukalt “This Conflict” Conditions of Acrimony CS (HMS 036)
    Francisco Meirino “Arguments for Laziness” Surrender, Render, End CD (HMS 037)
    Fossil Aerosol Mining Project “Ruins of the Fourth Wall” The Day 1982 Contaminated 1971 LP (HMS 33)
    (Interview segment with Jim Haynes)
    Omit “POD 4 Lander” Interceptor 2CD (HMS 012)
    Robert Millis “Enjoyment Machine” Relief LP (HMS 025)
    The Slaves “Sweet High” Ocean On Ocean 2LP (HMS 023)
    (Interview segment with Jim Haynes)
    Jim Haynes “Of Blast and Bleach” Flammable Materials From Foreign Lands LP (Elevator Bath)
    Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson “Late Night Arrival” (excerpt) So Long CD (HMS 027)

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