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    Wed May 24 02:41:48 2017

    So the guy who has to constantly take naps and miss scheduled events due to "exhaustion" has so much energy?

    I really doubt my ability to continue functioning in this world some days.

    I guess Trump praising Rodrigo Duterte doesn't faze these people. "Hey! Ya know! Just. Ya just gotta kill all a dese drug dealers and then there just ain't gonna be no more drugs, ya know?"

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    Wed May 17 21:25:00 2017
    T toothache posted in Turkey.


  3. Wed May 17 21:23:39 2017
    T toothache posted in May Listenings : For Music Listeners.

    Listening to the Mondo reissues of Twin Peaks OST and Twin Peaks:FWWM OST. They are...okay.

    The FWWM was missing the first LP and had two copies of the second LP. Groan. I compared and found one sounded like ass and the other was okay, so the ass one went back and they sent me the correct record.

    Nice to own these but Rhino are reissuing them again, and probably with better pressings.

    I swear I don't fall for every Record Store Day type bullshit-reissue-bait. I certainly will stay far away from Mondo from here on out.

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    Tue May 16 21:24:17 2017
    T toothache posted in Welcome to Trump's America.

    This means Jared has to be the one to "go on vacation to Florida" with him, right?

  5. 4 weeks ago
    Sat Apr 22 23:09:18 2017
    T toothache posted in RIP MRMB.

    LOCAL CONNECTION! Alert the local media!

    Does Nicholas Sparks have any poignant memories of Prince?

  6. 2 months ago
    Fri Mar 10 04:54:33 2017
    T toothache posted in Additional Additional RIP thread.

    So sorry warsaw. I lost my mom about a year ago and it was a tough one to come to grips with.

  7. Fri Mar 10 04:47:50 2017
    T toothache posted in Welcome to Trump's America.

    What's funny is that Trump is the worst kind of unsuccessful business man, the kind that has to be bailed out by foreign banks and Russian oligarchs. The real estate business is a shit hole to begin with.

  8. Wed Mar 1 15:52:18 2017
    T toothache posted in Welcome to Trump's America.

    The use of Navy Seal Owens' wife for Trump's political gain was one of the sleaziest things I've seen in a while (maybe a day).

    Sadly, I'm sure as she is grieving and in pain, an invite to the Joint Session must seem like a great honor, but she was trotted out as a prop for Donald to try and further distance himself from his botched Yemen raid.

  9. 3 months ago
    Wed Feb 8 21:30:22 2017

    "You know, I just, I don't know a lot about numbers. But I would like to."

  10. Tue Feb 7 23:44:43 2017
    T toothache posted in Welcome to Trump's America.

    These are Amway people and strict churchy people so they are stone fucking crazy to begin with.

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