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    Tue Jun 13 04:25:30 2017
    warsawpactarmor posted in June Watchening 2017.

    @Bicorn Halfelven At least the Halle BerryLea Thompson CatwomanRed Dawn has the excellent basketballSoviet paratrooper assault scene.

  2. Tue Jun 13 02:30:01 2017
    warsawpactarmor posted in Trump and Other Current Events of June.

    @DustyClaws Ah yes that has caused quite a stir. I generally agree there is no reason to give this man a platform to speak.

    Apparently Jones himself doesn't want it to air, presumably realizing that further scrutiny outside of his bubble can lead to nothing good for him, although he publicly claims it's because she has misrepresented his views on Sandy Hook.

    Also, have I mentioned he's a moon hoaxer, which is a warsawpactarmor red card.

  3. Tue Jun 13 01:08:18 2017
    warsawpactarmor posted in Trump and Other Current Events of June.

    Oh, I double-dog dare them to do that.

  4. Tue Jun 13 00:45:18 2017
    warsawpactarmor posted in Trump and Other Current Events of June.

    Apparently 110 of the USAF's fleet of A-10s need replacement wings as the aircraft ages. I wonder what well-informed military aerospace analyst Donald Trump will say. Because it really could be anything.


  5. Mon Jun 12 20:09:05 2017
    warsawpactarmor posted in June Watchening 2017.

    @Turlough's ;Axe Definitely check out Howard the Duck. You'll love it!

    Or, alternatively, find it unprecedently unbearable. Or at least that was my experience back in 1986.

  6. Mon Jun 12 05:14:12 2017

    I think a lot of Trump supporters who like his tweets because they aggravate liberals and make the media go crazy don't understand that it's becoming ever more clear that they could have very real legal and political implications and consequences. This is not a profound insight. Maybe it might be for a Trump supporter, I guess.

  7. Mon Jun 12 02:45:09 2017

    I misread your last sentence as "It's hard to think of a worse person to be than AG Jeff Sessions." Which also works.

  8. Sun Jun 11 04:26:00 2017
    warsawpactarmor posted in Additional Additional RIP thread.

    Now that I'm a grownup, I can hardly imagine anything less interesting than yet another dark, tortured vigilante Batman. Adam West's hilariously pompous and straitlaced Batman is for the ages and the ideal conception of the character. When I was a kid in the '70s watching Batman reruns, I thought he was kind of a badass. As I turns out I was in a very real way absolutely correct.


  9. Sun Jun 11 00:27:40 2017

    @Finn McCool I guess no one told the Commander in Chief about all the military personnel we've got stationed in Qatar before he started waving his shriveled dick around and mumbling something about terrorists.

    Not to mention that the strained relations between Qatar and some of the other gulf states may be the result of a Russian disinformation campaign.
    FBI vs. FSB

  10. 2 weeks ago
    Sat Jun 10 03:34:59 2017
    warsawpactarmor posted in 2017 Reading.

    I'd recommend the '80s 1984 movie with Richard Burton in his final role as O'Brien (!) as a capper to the experience. Very tight and faithful, extremely well-cast, and in terms of its production design nails the hard, dreary, dingy Anglo-Soviet thing very exactly.

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